Join us April 17

The Legacy Symposium is held on campus in the spring semester. Its aim is to exemplify academic excellence on campus throughout the year.

Inspired by Monsignor Barta’s passion for a Catholic liberal arts education, the Legacy Symposium has become an exciting day for young, aspirational professionals who wish to gain real-world experience presenting their academic research.

April 17, 2024 Schedule

8:30 – 8:50 a.m. Call to Community: Celebrating the Catholic Intellectual Tradition
Miller Academic Resource Center

9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Presentation Session 1 | Poster Session 1

10:15 – 11:15 a.m. Presentation Session 2 | Poster Session 2

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Presentation Session 3 | Poster Session 3

2:10 – 3:10 p.m. Presentation Session 4 | Poster Session 4

3:15 – 4:45 p.m. Faculty/Staff Presentations | Poster Session

5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Faculty/Staff Reception

7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Film Festival

Letter from the President

Dear Loras Students,

Thank you for your participation in the eleventh annual Loras Legacy Symposium.

My colleagues and I find this to be the most celebratory day of the year because the entire campus participates, and we get to acknowledge the incredible work of our many students and mentors.

Students, staff, and faculty have invested a lot of time and effort in putting forth a wide variety of projects, research, presentations, and creative talent to make the Symposium possible. This showcase of academic and co-curricular works provides an opportunity for all of us to learn from peers and mentors within our campus community. Further, as you experience the day’s offerings, it serves as a reminder as to how grateful we should be to be part of such a vibrant, and mission consonant institution.

To all who have submitted a project or planned a presentation of any type, I offer my sincere appreciation. We are blessed that you are willing to share your passions and talents with us. For all of us who are simply taking part in the day as an active learner and reflective thinker, I encourage you to consider putting forth your own submission for next year’s Legacy Symposium. Finally, please take the time to thank our students, faculty and staff who shared their wisdom and creativity today.

On behalf of the entire Loras community, I am thankful for the excellent leadership and planning effort that our Legacy Committee provided. Please join me in expressing appreciation for Co-Chair Ms. Erin McGovern, Co-Chair Dr. Bryce Taylor, Ms. Kathy Weber, Ms. Heidi Pettitt, Dr. Seungho Shin, Dr. Sarah Cassella, Mr. Ryan Decker, and Student Assistant Mr. Tyler Bass.

Congratulations and best wishes for furthering your academic and co-curricular achievements!

James E. Collins (’84)

Tribute to Rev. Msgr. James Barta, PhD

Monsignor Barta is known for his many roles at Loras College—priest, counselor, psychology professor, department chair, academic dean, president, and regent. But his passion is teaching.

In Msgr. Barta’s presidential inaugural address, he talked specifically about the liberal arts in ways that resonate with the purpose of the Legacy Symposium. His words continue to inspire as we celebrate the accomplishments of scholarship and creativity exhibited today by the Loras College community.

“The liberal arts college looks for the enquiring mind to do away with ignorance. It builds libraries, it brings together an informed faculty, it provides experiences in the hope of stimulating the mind.

It insists upon logic in formal classes and in the writing and the discussion of students. It alerts the student to the psychodynamics that influence their thinking. It gives them the rules of debate and other verbal exchange. It teaches them the scientific method to help separate conjecture from reality—all in the effort to reduce error.

The liberal arts college required a breadth as well as a depth of experience, insisting that its people taste of various cultures, learn of various opinions, learn to relate to people with a wide variety of ideas to everyone’s enrichment and advantage—all in the effort to avoid narrowness.

A liberal education is something much more than the cultivation of technological expertise. It is also the cultivation of that social sensitivity which brings the warmth and color to life. It is the explicit profession that we are social by nature, and incomplete without others. It is the expression of respect for others, manifesting itself in generosity, not the selfishness which enslaves us.”

Msgr. James Barta (’52)
Liberal Arts, Faith Values: Leaven for Society
Friday, October 28, 1988


Academic Presentations

Session 1: 9:00-10:00 am

Theme: Aging / Mary Alexis Room

Moderator: Aaron Joy

Children’s Literature Representation Project: Aging
Student(s): Amanda M. Soat, Shandi Rulli, Marley K. Noles, Kelly K. Peterson
Advisor/Mentor: Rebecca Smith

Cancer Therapeutics and Accelerated Aging: Is Cancer Making Us Older?
Student(s): Joshua D. Rydberg
Advisor/Mentor: Keith M. Thraen-Borowski

Mortality and Immortality in The Lord of the Rings
Student(s): Emily A. Raketic
Advisor/Mentor: John C. Eby

Theme: Economics / Arizona Room

Moderator: Scott Scheuerell

Why Did the Working Class Turn Right?
Student(s): Ava Bradley
Advisor/Mentor: David C. Cochran

From the Tea Party Movement to Trump: How Did we Get here?
Student(s): Luke Bernards
Advisor/Mentor: David C. Cochran

Children Lit Representation: Economic Class
Student(s): Hallie A. Wilgenbusch, Annabelle Held, Morgan E. Haus, Alyssa Hughes
Advisor/Mentor: Rebecca Smith

Theme: Environments / Dupont Room

Moderator: Sooyeon Choi

Directed Evolution of ura3∆ Mutants in Low Uracil Medium
Student(s): Molly McCool
Advisor/Mentor: Bryce Taylor

Native Plant Conservation and Mental Health Garden
Student(s): Hannah E. Busch, Rachel A. Burke, Kelly K. Peterson, Maura E. Tracy
Advisor/Mentor: Stacey Bales

ESG Stock Pitch: CVS Health
Student(s): Andrew Hefel, Chase Z. Hefel, Zachary J. Ehrler, Austin J. Jones
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

Theme: Planning for the Future / MARC 102

Moderator: Chris Martin

FJNSOB CST Case Competition – Starbucks Labor Scandal
Student(s): Rachel A. Fosler, Alexandra Oestreich, Zachary Henstein, Daniel A Rogers, Garrett Hutchison
Advisor/Mentor: Erin A. McGovern

Financial Plan Ratio Analysis
Student(s): Jordan Wiers
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

The Impact of a Fitness Intervention on Obesity and Osteoarthritis in Adults
Student(s): Caitlin D. Farrell
Advisor/Mentor: Molly Figgins

Theme: Quality of Life / MARC 202

Moderator: Tricia Borelli

Creating A Proper Investment Portfolio
Student(s): Brad J. Lagrange
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback
The Impact of a Fitness Intervention on Flexibility,

The Impact of a Fitness Intervention on Flexibility, Obesity, and Quality of Life in an Adult Population
Student(s): Claire T. Campbell, Amanda Williams
Advisor/Mentor: Molly Figgins

The Effects of Physical Activity on Anxiety and Depression in Cancer Patients
Student(s): Ana C. Chandlee
Advisor/Mentor: Keith M. Thraen-Borowski

Theme: Head & Heart / MARC 3 Fl Commons

Moderator: Nancy Fett

New Frontiers in Head and Neck Cancer: Exercise Oncology and the Potential for Prehabilitation
Student(s): Sean D. Shealer
Advisor/Mentor: Keith M. Thraen-Borowski

Breitbach Catholic Thinkers and Leaders Senior Project: Genuine Dialogue
Student(s): Graceann F. Beckett, Ryan P. Harvey, Jacob J. Hocking, Jacob J. Weber, Daniela C. Bernal, Isabella Douglas, Abigail Balong, Emily C. Surma, Elizabeth K. Perry, Matthew Tvedt, Joseph Cibulka, Benjamin M. Krogman, Elliana S. Mandli, Patrick Julian
Advisor/Mentor: Colleen M. Kuhl

Crossroads of Believing and Dreaming
Student(s): Ellianna M. Stine
Advisor/Mentor: Kevin J. Koch

Session 2: 10:15-11:15 am

Theme: Body / Mary Alexis Room

Moderator: Denise Udelhofen

The Impact of Exercise Programming on Strength, Obesity, and Quality of Life, in Adults
Student(s): Logan T. Ludlum, Mallery R. Pearson
Advisor/Mentor: Molly Figgins

Childrens Lit Representation: Body Image and Childrens Books
Student(s): Maria L. Anderson, Alexandra F. Dimas, Abigail M. Determan
Advisor/Mentor: Rebecca Smith

Honors Body Image Survey
Student(s): Chase Z. Hefel, Addison M. Brock, Bethel Y. Hailu
Advisor/Mentor: Kathryn J. DeShaw

Theme: Game / Arizona Room

Moderator: Lexi Schroeder

Witch’s Whisker 2D Unity Game
Student(s): Erica K. O’Rourke, Jimena Fierro-Perez, Benjamin B. Drezen
Advisor/Mentor: Kenneth S. Barnes

Adversity Sports: Alex Morgan and Chase
Student(s): Zoe H. Espiridon, Olivia J. Miller, Da’mani M. Brown, Jaheem Haynes
Advisor/Mentor: Yoon Heo

Valder Social Justice Award 2023 Experience
Student(s): Sophia D. Sosa
Advisor/Mentor: Stacia McDermott

Theme: Speaking Out / Dupont Room

Moderator: Angie Donovan

The Coming Out Novel: The Revision of the Bildungsroman in Jeanette Winterson’s Oranges are Not the Only Fruit
Student(s): Lillian T. Feltes
Advisor/Mentor: Erin VanLaningham

Borrowed Stories: Myth and Poetry
Student(s): Elizabeth F. Coleman
Advisor/Mentor: James Pollock

Arguing with the 1st Amendment: Moot Court and U.S. Constitution
Student(s): Grace L. Van Petten
Advisor/Mentor: Christopher B. Budzisz

Theme: Locked Up / MARC 102

Moderator: Andrew Massena

Unlocking Wealth, A College Student’s Guide to Retiring a Millionaire
Student(s): Genevieve K. Reed
Advisor/Mentor: Seungho Shin

Evolution of the 8th Amendment’s Standards of Decency
Student(s): Jacob J. Weber
Advisor/Mentor: David C. Cochran

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Modern Slavery.
Student(s): Jayson Weidman
Advisor/Mentor: David C. Cochran

Theme: Let’s Get Physical / MARC 202

Moderator: Stacia McDermott

SMA Case Study Bowl: Group A
Student(s): Emily E. Monahan, Colin Nelson, Declan J. Ciurlik, Patrick Julian
Advisor/Mentor: Anne C. Marx

Physical Activity in Cancer Patients with Gliomas
Student(s): Abigail L. Welter
Advisor/Mentor: Keith M. Thraen-Borowski

Computational Aerodynamic Analysis – NASA High Lift Prediction Workshop 5 Geometry
Student(s): Cameron J. Menini
Advisor/Mentor: Devayan Bir

Theme: Music / MARC 3 Fl Commons

Moderator: Ryan Decker

Bohme Trumpet Concerto in F Minor
Student(s): Jake A. Sinatra
Advisor/Mentor: Glenn E. Pohland

Solo Vocal Performance and Presentation
Student(s): Ashlyn Hemm
Advisor/Mentor: Michael J. Bagby

Student(s): Celina Feldhake, Sarah E. Gibson, Kate E. Rogers, Allison A. Pfeil, Brian M. Day, Colby J. Cryer, Dominic J. Mailloux, Ezra C. Okey, Heath H. Atz, Katherine J. Skoumal, Matthew Johll, Maxwell R. Schumacher, Amelia J. Ward
Advisor/Mentor: Celina Feldhake

Session 3: 1:00-2:00 pm

Theme: Brain / Mary Alexis Room

Moderator: Jennie Weber

The Effectiveness of Non-Invasive Treatments for Epilepsy
Student(s): Aeriel A. Anderson
Advisor/Mentor: Sarah N. Cassella

Understanding Chemo-Brain: The Role of Exercise on Chemotherapy-Induced Cognitive Dysfunction
Student(s): Morgan M. Machovec
Advisor/Mentor: Keith M. Thraen-Borowski

The Relationship between Depression-Like Behavior and Nitric Oxide Activity
Student(s): Clair G. Moore
Advisor/Mentor: Sarah N. Cassella

Theme: Partnership / Arizona Room

Moderator: Valerie Bell

Valder Scholarship: Peacemaking in Washington, D.C.
Student(s): Ava Bradley
Advisor/Mentor: Stacia McDermott

Sports Marketing Shark Tank Presentation—Giannis X Chase Partnership Proposal
Student(s): Dorothy J. Deans, Corey D. Mayotte, Cade M. O’Hehir, Carson A. Hendrey, Nathan C. Quinby
Advisor/Mentor: Yoon Heo

Paws & Progress: A Collaborative Initiative between Dubuque Humane Society and Loras College Honors Group
Student(s): Mallory P. Boehle, Hannah M. Quinones, Aubrey L. Horbach, Rachel A. Fosler
Advisor/Mentor: Traci Phillipson

Theme: Words / Dupont Room

Moderator: Laura Boddicker

Representation in Children’s Literature: Asian-American Literature
Student(s): Chase P. Fiser, Isabelle A. Kipp, Michael J. Garrett, Kathryn M. Helminiak
Advisor/Mentor: Rebecca Smith

The Crossroads of Epistemology, Questioning and Dialogue
Student(s): Ryan P. Harvey, Graceann F. Beckett
Advisor/Mentor: Christoffer S. Lammer-Heindel

Creative Writing Thesis
Student(s): Jacob N. Klaung
Advisor/Mentor: Kevin J. Koch

Theme: Family / MARC 102

Moderator: Lisa Garoutte

FJNSOB CST Case Competition – 3M and PFAS
Student(s): Thomas J Halatek, Thomas Kampmeier, Brandon Phelps, William D. Yasdick, Ashley Pfadenhauer
Advisor/Mentor: Erin McGovern

Hamilton Family Education Funding Analysis
Student(s): Zachary J. Ehrler
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

Books for Kids
Student(s): Liberty A. Foht, Elijah L. Dertz, Coby L. Johnson, Isabel Buchanan
Advisor/Mentor: Rebecca Smith

Theme: Pulling Together / MARC 202

Moderator: Eric Eller

The Melting Pot as a Metaphor for American Pluralism
Student(s): Jake A. Sinatra
Advisor/Mentor: David C. Cochran

Pumpkin Patchwork
Student(s): Lillian T. Feltes, Bee Hilby, Alicia Nachtman, Lydia Nelson
Advisor/Mentor: William J. Jablonsky

Combating Food Insecurity
Student(s): Shree Prakash Shah
Advisor/Mentor: Valerie R. Bell

Theme: Creativity / MARC 3 Fl Commons

Moderator: Emily DiFilippo

Duprov Presents: A Legacy Presentation for the Ages
Student(s): Jacob J. Weber
Advisor/Mentor: Ryan M. Decker

Children’s Lit Presentation: Disabilities
Student(s): Bennett C. Sirens
Advisor/Mentor: Rebecca Smith

Past vs. Present: Decisions of the Supreme Court
Student(s): Charles J. Langeberg
Advisor/Mentor: David C. Cochran

Session 4: 2:10-3:10 pm

Theme: Development / Mary Alexis Room

Moderator: Lesley Buse

Impact of Childhood Trauma on Education and Well-Being of Students and How You Can Help
Student(s): Brian M. Day, Katherine Walsh, Katherine J. Skoumal, Lauren N. Silva, Sarah D. Conley
Advisor/Mentor: Michelle L. Bechen

The Warburg Effect: The Role of Metabolism, Tumor Development, and a Potential Target for Therapy
Student(s): Logan W. Jones
Advisor/Mentor: Keith M. Thraen-Borowski

Should the Constitution Apply to the Unborn?
Student(s): Grace L. Patten
Advisor/Mentor: David C. Cochran

Theme: Privacy / Arizona Room

Moderator: Justin Busch

Valder Social Justice Summer: Graceann Beckett with the Los Angeles Catholic Worker
Student(s): Graceann F. Beckett
Advisor/Mentor: Stacia McDermott

Children’s Lit Representation: LGBTQ+
Student(s): Lily K. Gifford, Ella G. Cadenhead, Daniella R. Jarrell, Katie C. Callahan
Advisor/Mentor: Rebecca Smith

Olympus v. Vo (2023) and the Constitutional Right to Privacy
Student(s): Ryan P. Harvey
Advisor/Mentor: Christopher B. Budzisz

Theme: Justice / Dupont Room

Moderator: Tracy Lipinski

FJNSOB CST Case Competition – Epic Games Tricks Users Using Fortnite
Student(s): Olivia J. Miller, Emalee Ryder, Hunter Rickets, Jon Steinhaus, Tim J. Quinn
Advisor/Mentor: Erin A. McGovern

Humanity & The Just Society: How Dostoyevsky Shapes Our Understanding of Political Thought
Student(s): Elliot L. Frideres
Advisor/Mentor: David C. Cochran

Theme: Connections / MARC 102

Moderator: Naomi Clark

Politics and Art: Visualizing the Ideological Aesthetic
Student(s): James P. Hartnett, Aaliyah Waggoner
Advisor/Mentor: David C. Cochran

Meeting Temple Bethel El
Student(s): Sadikshya Bhattarai
Advisor/Mentor: John C. Eby

Core Body Temperature Effect on VO2max and Aerobic Exercise Performance
Student(s): Luke J. Bolstad, Aaliyah Waggoner
Advisor/Mentor: Elaina Biechler

Theme: Land / MARC 202

Moderator: Jennifer Smith

Enigma Estate
Student(s): Trentyn C. Howes, David Moens, Peter D. Rettenmeier, Benjamin M. Krogman
Advisor/Mentor: Kenneth S. Barnes

Off Road Vehicle Telemetry System
Student(s): Megan G. Himm, Jacob S. Westermeyer, Drake K. Sorensen, Isaac Ruiz
Advisor/Mentor: Kenneth S. Barnes

Land Reforms and Regulations in the Philippines
Student(s): Welleh J. Cooper
Advisor/Mentor: Benjamin J. Darr


Poster Presentations

Alumni Campus Center Ballroom

Session 1: 9:00-10:00 am

Poster Presentations / Session 1

Golf Swing Monitor
Student(s): Aiden R. Evans, Holden F. Murphy, John D. Mettham, Nelson G. Melo
Advisor/Mentor: Devayan Bir

Social Policy Legacy Poster
Student(s): Amelia F. Gutierrez, Savannah R. Paisley, Abigail G. Beutin, Alexandria D. Mamros
Advisor/Mentor: Michelle L. Bechen

Retirement Investing
Student(s): Anthony R. Catalano
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

Experiences of Domestic Students of Color at a Small Predominantly White Institution
Student(s): Bryan M. Basinger, Ellianna M. Stine
Advisor/Mentor: Lisa R. Grinde

Murals Honors
Student(s): Daira Y. Chavez Ayala, Joseph K. Kock, Bennett C. Sierens, August Witt, Lauren E. Boeckman
Advisor/Mentor: David A. Pitt

Partnership and Recommendations For The Boys and Girls Club
Student(s): Drew S. Diers, Colin M. Kissane, Cole H. Weber
Advisor/Mentor: Jake C. Kurczek

Civic Leaders Outreach
Student(s): Duane T. Vetter, Alyssa M. Frye, Layla K. Hughes, Joshua J. Young, Yat Yi Tsang, Lorelai J. Boucher
Advisor/Mentor: Jake C. Kurczek

Creating a Community with Unhoused People in Dubuque
Student(s): Ellie M. Bockenstedt, Isabella D. D’Amico, Milo A. Shovar, Sarah E. Gibson
Advisor/Mentor: Jake C. Kurczek

Slavery and Human Trafficking in Thailand
Student(s): Grace L. Van Petten
Advisor/Mentor: Benjamin J. Darr

Effects of Nitrogen Levels on Hesperis matronalis (Dame’s Rocket) and Mortality Rate of Alliaria petiolata (Garlic Mustard) with Aphid Infestation
Student(s): Isabelle Spiewak
Advisor/Mentor: Aditi Sinha

Unity in Diversity: Inspiring Leadership at the Interfaith Summit
Student(s): Kareem Kassas, Rimlah Rashid, Bernadette M. Mercurio, Shree Prakash Shah
Advisor/Mentor: Tania Tauseef

Local Residents’ Experiences with Welfare
Student(s): Katherine Walsh, Sarah D. Conley, Isabel Buchanan, Maliyah J. Powel, Miranda E. McHugh, Katherine Walsh
Advisor/Mentor: Nancy Z. Fett

CFP Capstone Case Study
Student(s): Lauren N. Silva
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

Retirement Planning
Student(s): Leighton B. Gerdes
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

Effects that Influence Hydrohalogenation of Conjugated Dienes: Proximity vs Charge
Student(s): Liberty A. Foht
Advisor/Mentor: David J. Oostendorp

The Relationship Between Student Major & Vocation
Student(s): Mary Dickhaut. De’ja A. Austin-Cherry, Caiden D. Jones, Hareson S. Willis
Advisor/Mentor: Kathrin A. Parks

Juvenile Delinquency & Justice – Creative Project
Student(s): Nicole E. Sessoms
Advisor/Mentor: Kenny Loui

Method of Delivery’s Effect on Information Retention
Student(s): Reagan J. Spence, Taylor J. Miles, Kate E. Rogers, Molly M. Strohmeyer
Advisor/Mentor: Lisa R. Grinde

Rock and Roll History: The Bronx 1979-1982
Student(s): Zachary T. Joerger, Seth C. Aiello, Ty D. Latvala
Advisor/Mentor: Paul R. Kohl

Session 2: 10:15-11:15 am

Poster Presentations / Session 2

The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Hippocampus Activity
Student(s): Abigail L. Schafer
Advisor/Mentor: Sarah N. Cassella

Dictyostelium discoideum cell spreading and migration speed on substrates of different stiffness
Student(s): David Kim
Advisor/Mentor: Kate M. Cooper

Times and Places in Rock & Roll: Seattle, 1991 – 1992
Student(s): Elijah D. Pflipsen, Nicholas P. Pierro, Daken J. Pessman
Advisor/Mentor: Paul R. Kohl

Soldier’s Decision Making in Combat
Student(s): Ellianna M. Stine
Advisor/Mentor: Lisa R. Grinde

Targeted Mutagenesis of Opa1, an enzyme associated with vision loss
Student(s): Emily A. Raketic
Advisor/Mentor: Andrew D. Kehr

Financial Planning Investments
Student(s): Gabriel A. Fiser
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

Examining Male Sexual Assault in Publically Posted Stories
Student(s): Hannah M. Quinones, Madi N. Atkinson
Advisor/Mentor: Lindsey N. Bartgis

Times and Places in Rock and Roll Los Angeles 1966-1969
Student(s): Henry C. Suttie, Trevor P. Segraves, Evan D. Kowzand
Advisor/Mentor: Paul R. Kohl

Synthesizing Non-toxic Carbon-based Quantum Dots from Orange Juice
Student(s): Jasslee J. Shaffer
Advisor/Mentor: Christina M. Edwards

Experiences of international students of color at a small predominantly white institution
Student(s): Kareem Kassas, Frank A. Day
Advisor/Mentor: Lisa R. Grinde

Immigration and Social Policy
Student(s): Keelin M. O’Mahony, Diego E. Lopez, August Witt, Morgan M.Machovec
Advisor/Mentor: Michelle L. Bechen

Native Sacred Lands TREC Trip
Student(s): Kelsey Mucia, Steffanie J. Schilder, Alexandria D. Mamros, Daira Y. Chavez Ayala, Zion Tamang, Prashant Bhattarai, Hannah E. McDermott, Shree Prakash Shah, Grace M. Morgan, Shelby L. Cole, Elyse M. Acompanado
Advisor/Mentor: Hannah J. Eby

Dictyostelium discoideum multicellular response to various substrate stiffnesses
Student(s): Luke J. Bolstad, Nina Nguyen
Advisor/Mentor: Kate M. Cooper

Examining the Impact of a Dog in the Classroom on student Mood
Student(s): Miranda E. McHugh, Katherine Walsh
Advisor/Mentor: Lindsey N. Bartgis

Portable Pressure Washer
Student(s): Owen C. Patton, Elijah L. Dertz
Advisor/Mentor: Aaron Joy

Nutrition and Wellness of College Students
Student(s): Paige E. Jacobs, Keagan T. Wurth, Allen R. Catour, Rory T. Heer, Bailey N. Vaughan, Bernadette M. Mercurio
Advisor/Mentor: Sarah N. Cassella

Times and Places in Rock & Roll: Memphis, 1953-1955
Student(s): Sean M. Haywood, Daniel Galiana Torres, Abbigail Maberry, Giovanni Bazzanella
Advisor/Mentor: Paul R. Kohl

The Importance of Food in Culture
Student(s): Rebekah G. Alley, Shelby L. Cole, Megan E. Delire, Caitlin M. Dolan, Olivia M. Gossard, Courtney K. Haas, McKenzie M. Mueller, Jetti Peters Schmudlach, Zoie R. Soppe, Madalynn Szejna, Payton M. Wilson
Advisor/Mentor: Steffanie J. Schilder

Session 3: 1:00-2:00 pm

Poster Presentations / Session 3

Characterization of Opa1 Biochemical Mechanism of Action
Student(s): Arturo J. Perez Dolores
Advisor/Mentor: Andrew D. Kehr

Utilizing PCR to Introduce a Disease-Causing Mutation to a Dynamin Superfamily Protein
Student(s): Brian M. Day
Advisor/Mentor: Andrew D. Kehr

Recalling Dreams and The Brain
Student(s): Bryan M. Basinger
Advisor/Mentor: Sarah N. Cassella

Pressure Analysis of Airfoils
Student(s): Declan O’Connor, Ross Lee
Advisor/Mentor: Devayan Bir

Pie Chart Analysis Financial Planning
Student(s): Drew Venteicher
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

NCAA Division III & The Addition of Athletic Programs
Student(s): Emily E. Monahan, Zoe H. Espiridon
Advisor/Mentor: Matthew J. Garrett

Financial Planning Meeting: PIE Chart Analysis
Student(s): Emily P. Vaughn
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

The Effect of Exercise on Lymphedema in Cancer Survivors
Student(s): Gabrielle G. Moran, Abigail L. Welter
Advisor/Mentor: Keith M. Thraen-Borowski

Pollinator Usage of Mowing to Monarch Prairie Patches in Dubuque County
Student(s): Hannah E. McDermott
Advisor/Mentor: Aditi Sinha

Robotic Arm
Student(s): Jeffrey Hernandez, Dorian M. Fiorenza
Advisor/Mentor: Devayan Bir

Baja SAE – Duhawk Racing
Student(s): John J. Wayer, Cameron J. Menini, Jacob S. Westermeyer, Jacob Bonnett, Cooper R. Larsen
Advisor/Mentor: Aaron Joy

How to Invest While Managing a Budget
Student(s): Joseph P. Horn
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

CEL My Story: Service Learning and Experiences
Student(s): Keelin M. O’Mahony
Advisor/Mentor: Jennie L. Weber

Social Policy: Summer Federal EBT Children Program
Student(s): Kiernan E. Scace, Kaden J. Carnes, Henry C. Condo, Jonah Hickey
Advisor/Mentor: Michelle L. Bechen

Raising Awareness for the Uninsured
Student(s): Margaret G. Hamilton, Stephanie Cortes, Brandon R. Kloeckner, Emma A. Nelson, Heloisa S. Teixeira, Margaret G. Hamilton
Advisor/Mentor: Jake C. Kurczek

Economic Justice in the Legal System
Student(s): Olivia K. Martinelli, Carlo T. Dannenfelser, Luis A. Garcia, Sydney L. Davis
Advisor/Mentor: Michelle L. Bechen

Soft Tissue Treatment and the Effect on Ankle Range of Motion: A Critically Appraised Topic
Student(s): Owen Johnson
Advisor/Mentor: Sharon Feld

Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) Glucosinolates Affect Decomposer Growth and Development
Student(s): Quinlan J. Cummings
Advisor/Mentor: Kate M. Cooper

Interface Design for the LX200 ACF Telescope
Student(s): Sara Hoskins, Kaighin Frost
Advisor/Mentor: Aaron Joy

Times and Places In Rock and Roll: San Francisco, 1967-69
Student(s): Sarah A. Lawrence, Matthew Tarson, Gabriel G. Roberts
Advisor/Mentor: Paul R. Kohl

Olympus v. Vo (2023): Moot Court Arguments on Privacy and Religious Freedom
Student(s): Welleh J. Cooper, Grace L. Van Petten
Advisor/Mentor: Christopher B. Budzisz

Session 4: 2:10-3:10 pm

Poster Presentations / Session 4

Dubuque Education Needs
Student(s): Alexandra A. Burke, Alexis Beier, Jackson P. Cullen, Daniel New, Ian N. Lucas, Jessica D. Yelaska, Carter M. Allen, Jordan M. Vitale
Advisor/Mentor: Scott K. Scheuerell

Potential Lipid Binding Mutants in a Dynamin GTPase Modify GTPase Activity
Student(s): Alian G. Leon-Jaramillo
Advisor/Mentor: Andrew D. Kehr

Times and Places In Rock & Roll: 1963 – 1967
Student(s): Anthony B. Schwarz, Noah T. James, Manuel A. Hernandez, Quinn D. Walsh
Advisor/Mentor: Paul R. Kohl

Data Science Capstone Project
Student(s): Declan J. Ciurlik
Advisor/Mentor: Robert S. Keller

DuBuddies: Inclusion and Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities
Student(s): Emily F. Mohr, Meredith J. Koenen, Emmalee M. Snitkey, Joseph M. Garrett, Meghan E. McDonald, Kyle Kober
Advisor/Mentor: Jake C. Kurczek 

CFP 300 – Case Study
Student(s): Emily P. Vaughn, Elaina M. Hills
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

The Effect of Vocational Learning Programs on Higher Education Populations
Student(s): Katelyn Bearup, Rachel M. Mills, Stephanie Leon
Advisor/Mentor: Kathrin A. Parks

Synthesis of Non-toxic Carbon-Based Quantum Dots Using Lemon Juice
Student(s): Kayla Stich
Advisor/Mentor: Christina M. Edwards

Washington, D.C. Trip
Student(s): Kelsey Mucia, Sergio Perez, John C. Eby, Jacob J. Weber, Jayson Weidman, Jake P. Finn, Elizabeth Szynal, Shree Prakash Shah, Maliyah J. Powell, Yvette J. Renteria, Alondra T. Jimenez, Swagat R. Karki, Dominic J. Mailloux
Advisor/Mentor: Hannah J. Eby

Preventing Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury in Baseball Players: A Critically Appraised Topic
Student(s): Maria D. Klein
Advisor/Mentor: Sharon Feld

Impacts of Gender and “Pretty Privilege” on Criminal Sentencing
Student(s): Mariah E. McNamara, Hannah M. Quinones, Carson G. Woods, Jennifer Hernandez
Advisor/Mentor: Lisa R. Grinde

Methods to Tax Breaks
Student(s): Matthew R. Costa
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

Characterizing the Properties of Brewer’s Yeast from Ancient DNA Samples
Student(s): Megan Brown
Advisor/Mentor: Bryce Taylor

The Effect of Time Signatures on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure in Musicians vs Non-musicians
Student(s): Molly McCool, Tyler A. Hudak
Advisor/Mentor: David A. Shealer

Dictyostelium discoideum Cell Spreading and Migration Speed on Substrates of Different Stiffness
Student(s): Nina Nguyen
Advisor/Mentor: Kate M. Cooper

The Effect of Smartphone Access on Social Anxiety
Student(s): Patrick N. McGreevey, Alexandria D. Mamros, Noah A. Baker, Olivia K. Martinelli
Advisor/Mentor: Lisa R. Grinde

Biochemical Characterization of a Potential Dimerization Mutant Resulting in Blindness
Student(s): Tanner Schoulte
Advisor/Mentor: Andrew D. Kehr

Development of a Financial Plan
Student(s): Thomas J. Halatek
Advisor/Mentor: Brian J. Kallback

Time and Places in Rock and Roll: New York, 1976-1978
Student(s): Zachary K. Roeder, Luke J. Battaglia, Margaret G. Hamilton, Olivia G. Carroll
Advisor/Mentor: Paul R. Kohl

Faculty & Staff

Academic Presentations

3:30 PM

Location: Mary Alexis Room
Attendance Reimagined: Promoting Inclusion, Belonging, Student Success and Student Retention via Strategic Attendance Policies
Presenter: Heleana Theixos

Location: Arizona Room
Unlocking Potential: Universal Design for Learning in the College Classroom
Presenter: Lynn L. Gallagher

Location: Dupont Room
Commitment, Trust & Loyalty: The Police K9/Handler Relationship
Presenter: Maggie M. Sullivan

3:50 PM

Location: Mary Alexis Room
Cahokia: A Native American Metropolis of 1050 A.D.
Presenter: Kevin J. Koch

Location: Arizona Room
What Do We Know About War and Peace?
Presenter: David C. Cochran

Location: Dupont Room
Entering the Narrative: Seeing Ourselves in the Stained Glass Windows of Sacred Heart, Dubuque
Presenter: David A. Pitt

4:10 PM

Location: Mary Alexis Room
Let’s talk about gene sequencing at Loras!
Presenter: Bryce Taylor

Location: Arizona Room
ELITE study: An international collaboration in discovering genetic determinants of physical fitness in the world’s most elite endurance athletes
Presenter: Elaina Biechler

Location: Dupont Room
Discovery of a (New?) Dominant Mutation that Causes Deafness
Presenter: Kate M. Cooper

4:30 PM

Location: Mary Alexis Room
Peace, Justice, and Diversity Projects 2023-2024
Presenters: Hannah J. Eby, Graceann F. Beckett, Mary Anderson, Andrew Massena, Heleana Theixos, Maggie W. Baker, Rebecca Smith, Michelle L. Bechen, Valerie R. Bell

Location: Arizona Room
Institutional Complicity in Sexual Assault: Perpetuating Male Rape Myths
Presenter: Lindsey N. Bartgis

Location: Dupont Room
First Test for Assortative Mating by Body Feather Color and Brightness in Black Terns
Presenter: David A. Shealer

4:50 PM

Location: Mary Alexis Room
How Many Athletes Play a Sport all 4 Years in College
Presenter: Aidan F. Wojciehowski

Location: Arizona Room
“How does it happen that textbooks disagree with each other? The curious case of competing explanations for the kinetic control of the addition of hydrogen halides to conjugated dienes.”
Presenter: David J. Oostendorp

Poster Session / Kehl Room

The Lived Experience of Novice School Counselors
Presenter: Tracy J. Lipinski

Comparative Timeline of CFT & CST
Presenter: Jacob M. Kohlhaas

Understanding the Sports Product Collaboration as Limited Editions
Presenter: Yoon Heo

2023-24 Publications

March 29, 2024 | List compiled by Kristen Smith, Library Director

Anderson, Mary (Library 2021- )
“Martin Luther and Women: Theology and Lived Experience, by Laura Jurgens” [book review]. Lutheran Quarterly 37(2023): 197-198.

Beck, Robert (Religious Studies 1981-2010)
Sunday Homilies: Liturgical Year Cycle B 2020-21. Dubuque, Iowa: Robert Beck, 2023.

Ciapalo, Roman (Philosophy 1982-2022)
With Joel Cormier, Anne C. Marx. “The Financial Impact of Eliminating a NCAA Division I Men’s Sport on the Athletic Budget: Is Title IX to Blame?” Journal of Intercollegiate Sport 16/1 (2023): 91-110.

Cochran, David (Politics 1996- )
The Catholic Case Against War: A Brief Guide. South Bend: University of Notre Dame Press, 2024.

“The Rise and Fall of Christian Ireland, by Crawford Gribben” [book review]. Church History 92/2 (June 2023): 459-461.

DeShaw, Kathryn (Kinesiology 2019- )
With Molly Figgins, Christopher Strauser, Vanessa Chavez, Kathryn Lindsay. “College student athlete versus nonathlete mental and social health factors during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Journal of American College Health (2023).

With Nathan D. Dicks, Marni E. Shoemaker, Michael J. Carper, Kyle J. Hackney, Allison M. Barry. “Contributions from incumbent police officer’s physical activity and body composition to occupational assessment performance.” Frontiers in Public Health 11 (June 2023): 1-7.

With Molly Figgins, Bridget Melton, Helen Bland. “The Effects of a College Wellness Course on Student’s Stress, Anxiety and Physical Activity Levels During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Illinois Journal for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Spring 2023. Pp. 29-39.

With Sharon D. Feld, Molly M. Figgins. “Student Perceptions of Integrating Interprofessional Education and Overcoming Barriers: A Case Report.” Athletic Training Education Journal 18/2 (April-June 2023): 1-7.

Feld, Sharon (Athletic Training 2021- )
With Molly M. Figgins, Kathryn J. DeShaw. “Student Perceptions of Integrating Interprofessional Education and Overcoming Barriers: A Case Report.” Athletic Training Education Journal 18/2 (April-June 2023): 1-7.

Figgins, Molly (Athletic Training 2015- )
With Kathryn J. DeShaw, Christopher Strauser, Vanessa Chavez, Kathryn Lindsay. “College student athlete versus nonathlete mental and social health factors during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Journal of American College Health (2023).

With Sharon D. Feld, Kathryn J. DeShaw. “Student Perceptions of Integrating Interprofessional Education and Overcoming Barriers: A Case Report.” Athletic Training Education Journal 18/2 (April-June 2023): 1-7.

With Kathryn DeShaw, Bridget Melton, Helen Bland. “The Effects of a College Wellness Course on Student’s Stress, Anxiety and Physical Activity Levels During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Illinois Journal for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Spring 2023. Pp. 29-39.

Koch, Kevin (English 1983- )
“Serving the Land, Serving the People: Driftless Area Land Conservancy Fulfills Many Needs in Southwest Wisconsin.” [Dubuque] Telegraph Herald (July 6, 2023): 7A-8A.

“Blackhawk Wildlife Area: A Grace Note of the Driftless.” [Dubuque] Telegraph Herald (January 18, 2024): 7A-8A.

“South Dakota: Edge & Transition.” [Dubuque] Telegraph Herald (October 26, 2023): 7A-8A.

“Shawnee National Forest Attracts Visitors Across the Ages.” [Dubuque] Telegraph Herald (August 24, 2023): 7A-8A.

Midwest Bedrock: The Search for Nature’s Soul in America’s Heartland. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2024.

Kohlhaas, Jacob (Moral Theology 2014- )
“Transgender Healthcare and the Catholic Moral Vision.” New Ways Ministry [blog], April 10, 2023.

“When did the church condemn slavery?” U. S. Catholic 88/11 (November 2023): 49.

Loui, Kenny (Criminal Justice 2020- )
With Yamawe. Life Lessons from a UFO Catcher: An Autobiographical Manga; Issue #4 [digital comic]. ComiXology/UFO Comics. January 2024.

With Yamawe. Life Lessons from a UFO Catcher: An Autobiographical Manga; Issue #6 [digital comic]. ComiXology/UFO Comics. March 2024.

With Yamawe. Life Lessons from a UFO Catcher: An Autobiographical Manga. UFO Comics, 2023.

With Yamawe. There is No Shrimp . . . And Other Lies My Mother Told Me. UFO Comics, 2023.

Marx, Anne (Sport Management 2011- )
With Joel Cormier. “Cutting Men’s Teams And Title IX: Where Does The Money Go?” August 24, 2023.

With Joel Cormier, Roman Ciapalo. “The Financial Impact of Eliminating a NCAA Devision I Men’s Sport on the Athletic Budget: Is Title IX to Blame?” Journal of Intercollegiate Sport 16/1 (2023): 91-110.

Maslowsky, Edward (Chemistry 1974-2016)
“Vibrational and computational data for homoleptic main-group element carbonyl complexes.” Coordination Chemistry Reviews 486 (2023): 215151. 30 pages.

Shin, Seungho (Finance 2021- )
With Joseph J French, Constantin Gurdgiev. “When doing the right thing doesn’t pay: impact of corporate decisions on Russian market participation in the wake of the Ukraine-Russia war.” Finance Research Letters 58/B (December 2023): 104468.

With Atsuyuki Naka, Lei Wang. “Policy Uncertainty and idiosyncratic volatility on Nikkei 225 stocks. Applied Economics Letters, February 2024. DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2024.2311310.

With Luca Pezzo, Lei Wang, Duygu Zirek. “Dynamics of mining markets: Equilibrium implications for professional and casual miners.” Global Finance Journal 57 (August 2023).

Stone, Susan (English 2001- )
“‘The Tenderness of One Woman for Another’: Female Friendship and Revolt in the 20th-century Works of Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.” In Navigating Women’s Friendships in American Literature and Culture. (American Literature Readings in the 21-st Century). Eds. Kristi Branham and Kelly L. Reames. London, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2023.

“‘Her Own Creed of Bloom’: The Transcendental Ecofeminism of Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.” In New Perspectives on Mary E. Wilkins Freeman: Reading with and against the Grain. Eds. Stephanie Palmer, Myrto Drizou, and Cecile Roudeau. Edinburgh University Press, 2023. pp. 43-59.

Taylor, Bryce (Biology 2021- )
With Alexa R. Warwick, Ryan Skophammer, Josephine M. Boyer, Renee C. Geck, Kristin Gunkelman, Margaux Walson, Paul A. Rowley, Maitreya J. Dunham. yEvo: A modular eukaryotic genetics and evolution research experience for high school students.” Ecology and Evolution 14, e10811. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.10811

VanLaningham, Erin (English 2011- )
Called Beyond Our Selves: Vocation and the Common Good. New York: Oxford University Press, 2024.

Student Presenter Index

2024 Student Name & Time

Aaliyah Waggoner (2:10)
Abbigail Maberry (10:15 poster)
Abigail Balong (9:00)
Abigail G. Beutin (9:00 poster)
Abigail L. Schafer (10:15 poster)
Abigail L. Welter (10:15, 1:00 poster)
Abigail M. Determan (10:15)
Addison M. Brock (10:15)
Aeriel A. Anderson (1:00)
Aiden R. Evans (9:00 poster)
Alexandra A. Burke (2:10 poster)
Alexandra F. Dimas (10:15)
Alexandra Oestreich (9:00)
Alexandria D. Mamros (9:00 poster, 10:15 poster, 2:10 poster)
Alexis Beier (2:10 poster)
Alian G. Leon-Jaramillo (2:10 poster)
Alicia Nachtman (1:00)
Allen R. Catour (10:15 poster)
Allison Pfeil (10:15)
Alondra T. Jimenez (2:10 poster)
Alyssa Hughes (9:00)
Alyssa M. Frye (9:00 poster)
Amanda M. Soat (9:00)
Amanda Williams (9:00)
Amelia (Mia) Ward (10:15)
Amelia F. Gutierrez (9:00 poster)
Ana C. Chandlee (9:00)
Andrew Hefel (9:00)
Annabelle Held (9:00)
Anthony B. Schwarz (2:10 poster)
Anthony R. Catalano (9:00 poster)
Arturo J. Perez Dolores (1:00 poster)
Ashley Pfadenhauer (1:00)
Ashlyn Hemm (10:15)
Aubrey L. Horbach (1:00)
August Witt (9:00 poster, 10:15 poster)
Austin J. Jones (9:00)
Ava Bradley (1:00)
Bailey N. Vaughan (10:15 poster)
Bee Hilby (1:00)
Benjamin B. Drezen (10:15)
Benjamin M. Krogman (9:00, 2:10)
Bennett C. Sierens (9:00 poster, 1:00)
Bernadette M. Mercurio (9:00 poster, 10:15 poster)
Bethannie E. Hartman (9:00)
Bethel Y. Hailu (10:15)
Brad J. Lagrange (9:00)
Brandon Phelps (1:00)
Brandon R. Kloeckner (1:00 poster)
Brian Day (10:15)
Brian M. Day (1:00 poster, 2:10)
Bryan M. Basinger (9:00 poster, 1:00 poster)
Cade M. O’Hehir (1:00)
Caiden D. Jones (9:00 poster)
Caitlin D. Farrell (9:00)
Caitlin M. Dolan (9:00 poster)
Cameron J. Menini (10:15, 1:00 poster)
Carlo T. Dannenfelser (1:00 poster)
Carson A. Hendrey (1:00)
Carson G. Woods (2:10 poster)
Carter M. Allen (2:10 poster)
Celina Feldhake (10:15)
Charles J. Langeberg (1:00)
Chase P. Fiser (1:00)
Chase Z. Hefel (9:00,10:15)
Christopher E. Grunke Jr (9:00)
Clair G. Moore (1:00)
Claire E. McAllister (10:15)
Claire T. Campbell (9:00)
Coby L. Johnson (1:00)
Colby Cryer (10:15)
Cole H. Weber (9:00 poster)
Colin M. Kissane (9:00 poster)
Colin Nelson (10:15)
Cooper R. Larsen (1:00 poster)
Corey D. Mayotte (1:00)
Courtney K. Haas (9:00 poster)
Da’mani M. Brown (10:15)
Daira Y. Chavez Ayala (9:00 poster, 10:15 poster)
Daken J. Pessman (10:15 poster)
Daniel A. Rogers (9:00)
Daniel Galiana Torres (10:15 poster)
Daniel New (2:10 poster)
Daniela C. Bernal (9:00)
Daniella R. Jarrell (2:10)
David Kim (10:15 poster)
David Moens (2:10)
De’ja A. Austin-Cherry (9:00 poster)
Declan J. Ciurlik (10:15, 2:10 poster)
Declan O’Connor (1:00 poster)
Diego E. Lopez (10:15 poster)
Dominic J. Mailloux (10:15, 2:10 poster)
Dorian M. Fiorenza (1:00 poster)
Dorothy J. Deans (1:00)
Drake K. Sorensen (2:10)
Drew S. Diers (9:00 poster)
Drew Venteicher (1:00 poster)
Duane T. Vetter (9:00 poster)
Elaina M. Hills (2:10 poster)
Elijah D. Pflipsen (10:15 poster)
Elijah L. Dertz (10:15 poster, 1:00)
Elizabeth F. Coleman (10:15)
Elizabeth K. Perry (9:00)
Elizabeth Szynal (2:10 poster)
Ella G. Cadenhead (2:10)
Elliana S. Mandli (9:00)
Ellianna M. Stine (9:00 poster, 10:15 poster, 1:00, 2:10)
Ellie M. Bockenstedt (9:00 poster)
Elliot L. Frideres (2:10)
Elyse M. Acompanado (10:15 poster)
Emalee Ryder (2:10)
Emily A. Raketic (09:00, 10:15 poster)
Emily C. Surma (9:00)
Emily E. Monahan (10:15, 1:00 poster)
Emily F. Mohr (2:10 poster)
Emily P. Vaughn (1:00 poster, 2:10 poster)
Emma A. Nelson (1:00 poster)
Emmalee M. Snitkey (2:10 poster)
Erica K. O’Rourke (10:15)
Evan D. Kowzan (10:15 poster)
Ezra C. Okey (10:15,1:00)
Frank A. Day (10:15 poster)
Gabriel A. Fiser (10:15 poster)
Gabriel G. Roberts (1:00 poster)
Gabrielle G. Moran (1:00 poster)
Garrett Hutchison (9:00)
Genevieve K. Reed (10:15)
Giovanni Bazzanella (10:15 poster)
Grace L. Van Petten (9:00 poster, 1:00 poster, 2:10)
Grace M. Morgan (10:15 poster)
Graceann F. Beckett (1:00, 2:10)
Hallie A. Wilgenbusch (9:00)
Hannah E. Busch (9:00)
Hannah E. McDermott (10:15 poster, 1:00 poster)
Hannah M. Quinones (10:15 poster, 1:00, 2:10 poster)
Hareson S. Willis (9:00 poster)
Heath Atz (10:15)
Heloisa S. Teixeira (1:00 poster)
Henry C. Condo (1:00 poster)
Henry C. Suttie (10:15 poster)
Holden F. Murphy (9:00 poster)
Hunter Rickels (2:10)
Ian N. Lucas (2:10 poster)
Isaac Ruiz (2:10)
Isabel Buchanan (9:00 poster, 1:00)
Isabella D. D’Amico (9:00 poster)
Isabella Douglas (9:00,1:00)
Isabelle A. Kipp (1:00)
Isabelle Spiewak (9:00 poster)
Jack M. McCluskey (1:00)
Jackson P. Cullen (2:10 poster)
Jacob Bonnett (1:00 poster)
Jacob J. Hocking (9:00)
Jacob J. Weber (9:00, 1:00, 2:10 poster)
Jacob M. Kohlhaas (10:15 poster)
Jacob N. Klaung (1:00)
Jacob S. Westermeyer (1:00 poster, 2:10)
Jaheem Haynes (10:15)
Jake A. Sinatra (1:00)
Jake P. Finn (2:10 poster)
James P. Hartnett (2:10)
Jasslee J. Shaffer (10:15 poster)
Jayson Weidman (10:15, 2:10 poster)
Jeffrey Hernandez (1:00 poster)
Jennifer Hernandez (2:10 poster)
Jessica D. Yelaska (2:10 poster)
Jetti Peters Schmudlach (9:00 poster)
Jimena Fierro-Perez (10:15)
John C. Eby (2:10 poster)
John D. Mettham (9:00 poster)
John J. Wayer (1:00 poster)
Jon Steinhaus (2:10)
Jonah Hickey (1:00 poster)
Jordan D. Wiers (9:00)
Jordan M. Vitale (2:10 poster)
Joseph Cibulka (9:00)
Joseph K. Kock (9:00 poster)
Joseph M. Garrett (2:10 poster)
Joseph P. Horn (1:00 poster)
Joshua D. Rydberg (9:00)
Joshua J. Young (9:00 poster)
Kaden J. Carnes (1:00 poster)
Kaighin Frost (1:00 poster)
Kareem Kassas (9:00 poster, 10:15 poster)
Kate E. Rogers (9:00 poster)
Kate Rogers (10:15)
Katelyn Bearup (2:10 poster)
Katherine (Kaylie) Skoumal (10:15)
Katherine J. Skoumal (2:10)
Katherine Walsh (9:00 poster, 10:15 poster, 2:10)
Kathryn M. Helminiak (1:00)
Katie C. Callahan (2:10)
Kayla Stich (2:10 poster)
Keagan T. Wurth (10:15 poster)
Keelin M. O’Mahony (10:15 poster)
Kelly K. Peterson (9:00)
Kelsey Mucia (10:15 poster, 1:00 poster)
Kiernan E. Scace (1:00 poster)
Kyle Kober (2:10 poster)
Lauren E. Boeckman (9:00 poster)
Lauren N. Silva (9:00 poster, 2:10)
Layla K. Hughes (9:00 poster)
Leighton B. Gerdes (9:00 poster)
Liberty A. Foht (9:00 poster, 1:00)
Lillian T. Feltes (1:00)
Lily K. Gifford (2:10)
Logan T. Ludlum (10:15)
Logan W. Jones (2:10)
Lorelai J. Boucher (9:00 poster)
Luis A. Garcia (1:00 poster)
Luke Bernards (9:00)
Luke J. Battaglia (2:10 poster)
Luke J. Bolstad (10:15 poster, 2:10)
Lydia Nelson (1:00)
Madalynn Szejna (9:00 poster)
Madi N. Atkinson (10:15 poster)
Maliyah J. Powell (9:00 poster, 2:10 poster)
Mallery R. Pearson (10:15)
Mallory P. Boehle (1:00)
Manuel A. Hernandez (2:10 poster)
Margaret G. Hamilton (1:00 poster, 2:10 poster)
Maria D. Klein (2:10 poster)
Maria L. Andersen (10:15)
Mariah E. McNamara (2:10 poster)
Marley K. Noles (9:00)
Mary Dickhaut (9:00 poster)
Matthew Johll (10:15)
Matthew R. Costa (2:10 poster)
Matthew Tarson (1:00 poster)
Matthew Tvedt (9:00)
Maura E. Tracy (9:00)
Maxemos E. Terlap (1:00)
Maxwell (Max) Schumacher (10:15)
McKenzie M. Mueller (9:00 poster)
Megan Brown (2:10 poster)
Megan E. Delire (9:00 poster)
Megan G. Himm (2:10)
Meghan E. McDonald (2:10 poster)
Meredith J. Koenen (2:10 poster)
Michael J. Garrett (1:00)
Milo A. Shovar (9:00 poster)
Miranda E. McHugh (9:00 poster, 10:15 poster)
Molly M. Strohmeyer (9:00 poster)
Molly McCool (09:00, 2:10 poster)
Morgan E. Haus (9:00)
Morgan M. Machovec (10:15 poster, 1:00)
Nathan C. Quinby (1:00)
Nelson G. Melon (9:00 poster)
Nicholas P. Pierro (10:15 poster)
Nicole E. Sessoms (9:00 poster)
Nikolas R. Jemilo (1:00)
Nina Nguyen (10:15 poster, 2:10 poster)
Noah A. Baker (2:10 poster)
Noah T. James (2:10 poster)
Olivia G. Carroll (2:10 poster)
Olivia J. Miller (10:15, 2:10)
Olivia K. Martinelli (1:00 poster, 2:10 poster)
Olivia M. Gossard (9:00 poster)
Owen C. Patton (10:15 poster)
Owen Johnson (1:00 poster)
Paige E. Jacobs (10:15 poster)
Patrick Julian (9:00,10:15)
Patrick N. McGreevey (2:10 poster)
Payton M. Wilson (9:00 poster)
Peter D. Rettenmeier (2:10)
Prashant Bhattarai (10:15 poster)
Quinlan J. Cummings (1:00 poster)
Quinn D. Walsh (2:10 poster)
Rachel A. Burke (9:00)
Rachel A. Fosler (9:00, 1:00)
Rachel M. Mills (2:10 poster)
Reagan J. Spence (9:00 poster)
Rebekah G. Alley (9:00 poster)
Rimlah Rashid (9:00 poster)
Rory T. Heer (10:15 poster)
Ross Lee (1:00 poster)
Ryan P. Harvey (9:00,1:00)
Sadikshya Bhattarai (2:10)
Sara Hoskins (1:00 poster)
Sarah A. Lawrence (1:00 poster)
Sarah D. Conley (9:00 poster, 2:10)
Sarah E. Gibson (9:00 poster)
Sarah Gibson (10:15)
Savannah R. Paisley (9:00 poster)
Sean D. Shealer (9:00)
Sean M. Haywood (10:15 poster)
Sergio Perez (2:10 poster)
Seth C. Aiello (9:00 poster)
Shandi Rulli (9:00)
Shelby L. Cole (9:00 poster, 10:15 poster)
Shree Prakash Shah (9:00 poster, 10:15 poster, 1:00)
Sophia D. Sosa (10:15)
Stephanie Cortes (1:00 poster)
Stephanie Leon (2:10 poster)
Swagat R. Karki (2:10 poster)
Sydney L. Davis (1:00 poster)
Tanner Schoulte (2:10 poster)
Taylor J. Miles (9:00 poster)
Thomas C. Kampmeier (1:00)
Thomas J. Halatek (1:00, 2:10 poster)
Tim J. Quinn (2:10)
Tracy J. Lipinski (2:10 poster)
Trentyn C. Howes (2:10)
Trevor P. Segraves (10:15 poster)
Ty D. Latvala (9:00 poster)
Tyler A. Hudak (2:10 poster)
Welleh J. Cooper (1:00 poster, 2:10)
William D. Yasdick (1:00)
Yat Yi Tsang (9:00 poster)
Yoon Heo (2:10 poster)
Zachary Henstein (9:00)
Zachary J. Ehrler (9:00,1:00)
Zachary K. Roeder (2:10 poster)
Zachary T. Joerger (9:00 poster)
Zion Tamang (10:15 poster)
Zoe H. Espiridon (10:15, 1:00 poster)

Attendee Information

Harassment & Safety

Loras College and the Legacy Symposium strives to be a community demonstrating the highest standards of the Catholic intellectual tradition and welcoming all people into a dialogue to promote core values of truth, respect, responsibility, excellence, and service. The Loras Legacy Symposium is committed to providing a safe and productive environment for everyone present at the meeting. We promote an open atmosphere of critical inquiry and academic conversation. As a Catholic college, we are called upon to be particularly attentive to the rich variety among the people of the world. We seek to foster dialogues that will promote understanding, cooperation and respect.

In every dimension of what diversity entails, human dignity must always be maintained. Loras Legacy prohibits intimidating, threatening, or harassing conduct during the symposium. This policy applies to speakers, staff, volunteers, and attendees. Symposium participants violating these rules may be asked to leave at the discretion of Symposium and College leadership. Harassment will not be tolerated in any form and includes the following:

  • Offensive comments related to ethnicity, religion, disability, age, economic status, physical appearance, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome attention.

Many different types of inappropriate behaviors, whether written, verbal, or physical, can affect the personal and professional well-being of people in the workplace, especially when people misuse their positions of power and influence. Research confirms that these inappropriate behaviors have the highest impact on women and underrepresented demographic groups.

Types of Inappropriate Behavior

To block someone’s access to resources or opportunities, make someone feel unwelcome, based on their identity or affiliation with a particular group

To treat someone in a condescending manner or with the assumption of incompetence Discriminate To make an unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of someone based on their identity or affiliation with a particular group

To threaten, frighten, humiliate, or intimidate someone with abusive words or actions

To use words or actions that are unwanted, unwelcome, demeaning, degrading abusive or offensive, and to persist in such actions despite resistance, protest, or rebuke by the recipient(s) of those actions

To make unwelcome physical contact with anyone in any manner, including actual bodily harm and any form of unwanted sexual contact; to threaten bodily harm with an apparent present ability to cause harm

Awareness & Creating a Respectful Environment

Know your Policies
By adopting this Code of Conduct, Loras Legacy Symposium has established clear and specific expectations and norms to promote the best Symposium climate possible. All students, staff, faculty and attendees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the policies. The best way to promote a positive change is to be able to identify inappropriate behaviors and know how to respond. Bring these policies to the attention of symposium organizers.

What constitutes inappropriate behavior?
As norms and expectations change, we expect changes in what IS considered acceptable behavior. Issues of behavior and bias are often difficult to talk about, but the most productive discussions happen when we share common goals. Have an open discussion with your staff, your faculty, and your fellow students about our ultimate goals as a college and why safe and inclusive symposia are important. Be explicit in your discussions about what is or is not appropriate behavior and be open to discussions on differences in opinions.

You hurt one, you hurt all. We all need to be active participants in creating an inclusive environment. Think about ways you can send the message that the best environment for sharing our work is one that is fair, equitable and welcoming to all participants. There are many ways to promote discussions, engage in diversity-focused activities, and be proactive—make a positive change for our community.

Reporting an Incident of Harassment or Inappropriate Behavior

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. If you are being harassed, notice someone else being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact Loras Legacy staff, who can work with appropriate Society leadership to resolve the situation. We value your attendance, and want to make your experience as productive and stimulating as possible.

We ask that you notify Kathy Weber or Erin McGovern, Co-Chairs of the Legacy Committee, immediately with any concerns so they may be addressed. Should you need to contact us in writing, please email or We look forward to everyone enjoying the symposium.

National Street Harassment Hotline: 855-897-5910
Live Chat available
National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800-656-4673
Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline: 1-800-770-1650

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line serves anyone, in any type of crisis, providing access to free, 24/7 support and information via the medium people already use and trust: text. Here’s how it works:

  1. Text 741-741 from anywhere in the USA, anytime, about any type of crisis.
  2. A live, trained Crisis Counselor receives the text and responds quickly.
  3. The volunteer Crisis Counselor will help you move from a hot to a cool moment

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network)