Explore the role of ethics and the social value associated with big data collection and usage. A Loras College minor in analytics allows you to contribute and help businesses strengthen decision-making processes.

The need for stronger analytics is crucial in virtually every business model. The rise in demand for an analytics-based skill set makes this minor an invaluable addition to any major.

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Our interdisciplinary minors are designed to offer students a unique opportunity to study beyond their chosen majors and gain a broader and more comprehensive understanding of complex societal issues and topics.

The variety of coursework available in the Analytics minor offers connections to all the Loras College dispositions. It places a unique emphasis on student growth as active learners and reflective thinkers as it offers students the opportunity to approach analyzing data through a variety of disciplinary lenses and draw connections across courses.

graduate degree Opportunities

Loras offers a variety of graduate, accelerated dual degrees such as our our Master of Science in Applied Analytics.

This degree is designed for high-achieving students to earn both their undergraduate and graduate degrees efficiently and economically.

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