Duhawk Dozen

  • Belonging & Believing

    Belonging & Believing

    2013 graduate, Katie (Yockey) Pyles has worn many hats in her lifetime: wife, mom, student-athlete, social work major, youth minister, and Duhawk. Her faith has been the common thread tying all those aspects of her life together. More

  • Heart of Purple & Gold

    Heart of Purple & Gold

    A 2016 graduate, Bailey O’Brien has achieved a great deal of personal and professional success in her short time since graduating. Not only does she own her own dental practice, but she spends her spare time serving as a Loras Alumni Ambassador, and mentor for current Duhawks in the healthcare field, on top of staying… More

  • Empowering Change

    Empowering Change

    2014 graduate, Adrienne Shavers is revered by her friends and classmates for how closely she helps students and the lengths she’s willing to go to make a connection. However, with great humility, Adrienne admits that it’s a mutually impactful relationship. “I had no clue that the students I work with were going to help me… More

  • A Lifelong Storyteller

    A Lifelong Storyteller

    Since graduating in 2014, Fr. Charles Warren, often thinks back on just how impactful his time as a Duhawk was. “One of the biggest reasons that ‘Father’ shows up in front of my name is because of Loras College.” As Fr. Warren navigated his Loras experience, he felt his heart being called to love in… More

  • Stokes on Spokes

    Stokes on Spokes

    Many people dream of taking a step back, getting rid of stressors, and taking time to reflect: 2018 graduate Chris Stoker did just that as he left the material world behind for a cross-country bike trip. More

  • A Worldwide Educator

    A Worldwide Educator

    2016 graduate, Brian Honerbaum, in his five years since graduating, has become a worldly and accomplished teacher. Though he started his teaching career in Dubuque at Hempstead High School, he’s taught in Ukraine, Dubai, Vietnam, and virtually in China. More

  • Food & Family

    Food & Family

    2012 graduate, Abby (Moore) Lawrence, just celebrated her 10-year Loras Reunion at Homecoming 2022. In addition to the time she spent planning her reunion, Abby has been spending her days working with Verena Street Coffee in Dubuque, starting a barbeque business with her husband, and adjusting to life as a new parent. More

  • Home Sweet Loras

    Home Sweet Loras

    2018 graduate, Brenda Gomez Solis has been going non-stop since she graduated. After a series of successful jobs across the Midwest, Brenda made her way back home to Georgia as the Multicultural Admissions Counselor at Georgia Southern University. More

  • Poco a Poco, Little by Little

    Poco a Poco, Little by Little

    2021 graduate, Jacob Heidenreich radiates joy in all that he does. In describing all the highs, lows, and changes that have occurred over the past 365 days, Jake says he is “sitting and resting in a season of gratitude.” More

  • For God and Country

    For God and Country

    PJ Fricano, a 2017 graduate, never envisioned himself spending over 20 years in the classroom, but after his time at Wahlert High School in Dubuque, Iowa, Loras College for his undergraduate degree, and finally Notre Dame for his law degree; PJ has a litany of academic achievements to be proud of. More

  • Teacher of the Year

    Teacher of the Year

    2013 grad, Kellie Klein, is doing nothing short of amazing work in the classroom, on the softball field, and in the entirety of the Dubuque community. Kellie started her work with the Dubuque Community School District in 2014, and ever since she has adapted and grown to an ever-changing education system. More

  • Pro Deo et Patria: A Motto to Take to Heart

    Pro Deo et Patria: A Motto to Take to Heart

    The blog aptly titled, in all caps, “I’m Kevin! Iowa Native, Loras College Grad, and now Peace Corps Volunteer Headed to Mozambique!” perfectly sums up 2011 graduate, Kevin O’Brien. Kevin’s love of Loras has been building for a lifetime. More