Alumni, Jon Quinn

Constructing a Story

June Duhawk Dozen

Jonathan Quinn (’21)
Media Studies & Public Relations
Atlanta, GA

Jonathan Quinn (’21) knows the importance of constructing a story. As he works on creating his own life story, his education and training at Loras have helped him tell the stories of others through a reflective and forward-thinking lens. At age 23, he already has “award-winning director” on his resume and that is just the start. His Duhawk documentaries, storytelling at Forever Ready Productions, and current role at Morgan Stanley as Research and Multimedia Editor, makes him our June 2023 Duhawk Dozen.

“It’s hard to tell a good story if you can’t write, which is something that is sort of slept on. You underestimate the importance of being able to construct a story and to write and piece things together. That’s why editing is my favorite part of the whole production process. It is the physical version of writing and forming the story you want to share.”

Loras provided opportunities for Jon to write and speak his mind with his classmates in a safe environment, which opened his eyes to other people’s perspectives on the world. “When you are able to take yourself out of your own shoes and put yourself into another perspective, you may be able to tell the story with more intention and care that the story deserves.” From his first class on campus, to his English and Media Studies classes, he attributes much of his success to his professors and fellow Duhawks. “Loras did a great job teaching me how to see people for who they are and to meet them where they are in life. Sometimes, especially when I was an RA, people just wanted to talk. Those times ended up being where some of the most enriching relationships started. Also, in Atlanta traffic these days someone cuts me off – maybe he’s just late. I try not to judge a person in the moment.”

Throughout this episode, Jon leaves multiple pieces of advice for all ages with one of them being: “Be a sponge. Ask questions. Take as much knowledge as you can and capitalize on the resources and benefits available to you. Dedicate the time to mature yourself – there’s a college version of yourself and then there’s the adult version of yourself. Take the time to figure out your values and work from there. Loras College was a great foundation for that because you are encouraged to think critically, be self-reflective, and can apply those skills to yourself.”

Listen to Jon’s full podcast with Young Alumni Advisory Board President, Allison Wong (’17), and past Duhawk Dozen recipients here.

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