Forbes Names Loras as One of Nation’s Best Small Employers

Forbes Magazine identified Loras College as one of America’s Best Small Employers in a survey reviewing companies employing between 200 and 1,000 employees.

Based on the results, Loras College ranks number six among colleges/universities and number forty-one overall among 300 companies on the list.

“Loras has a long and cherished tradition of employing and retaining outstanding faculty and staff,” President Jim Collins (’84) said. My colleagues are servant leaders and heavily committed to accompanying our students, honoring our mission, and maintaining high standards. As such, our campus community enjoys being with each other no matter the long hours and hard work. I am humbled by the Forbes recognition on behalf of our outstanding students, colleagues, alumni, friends, and board. .”

America’s Best Small Employers ranking was based on the analysis of over seven million data points, with over 11,000 companies with more than 200 employees but fewer than 1,000. Placement on the final list was awarded based on a scoring model that considered employee satisfaction, public opinion data, and social listening data.

To compile the list, Forbes partnered with the market research firm Statista, which implemented a wide range of assessment tools, including anonymous surveys of employees using both targeted access panels as well as open participation from the public, tracking of job-related websites to gauge employer reputation, engagement, retention, benefits and more, and social listening text analysis of news websites and blogs as well as platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube to assess the company’s relationship with its employees These methods created hundreds of thousands of data points that were categorized and combined into a total score. From an initial pool of 10,000 businesses, the 300 companies with the highest scores made it onto the final list.

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