Jacob Heidenreich  PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics


BA, Northern Illinois University, 1996
BS, Northern Illinois University, 1996
MS, University of Notre Dame, 1999
PhD, University of Notre Dame, 2005

Professor Heidenreich’s training is in mathematics and philosophy, centering on the field of mathematical logic. He has a strong interest in the historical development of mathematics, as well as the philosophical issues that have arisen during that development.

Recently, his interest has been in the use of games in the classroom to enable deep student learning. He studies good game design, and how those design principles can be used to design various assignments and activities. He also develops games for use as teaching tools in the classroom. One of these games, Function Battleship, was published in the book Teaching Mathematics through Games. He has given many talks about the use of games in education at the regional, national, and international level, and has held many programs at regional libraries about analyzing popular board games using mathematics.

Curriculum Vitae