Professional Licensure Disclosures


Pursuant to US Code of Federal Regulations 34 CFR 668.14(b)(32), Loras College is required to disclose consumer information regarding curricular programs that “foreseeably lead” to careers requiring state licensure, certification, endorsement, etc. This regulation requires Loras College to determine whether a licensure-related program meets the educational requirements for professional licensure in each US state or territory. Please see below for the specific state and territory disclosures for each program.

Because licensure requirements vary by jurisdiction and are subject to change, students considering a program leading to licensure should contact the licensing agency for the state or territory in which they intend to practice to confirm the most current requirements. We will update this information on an annual basis by July 1 of each year unless noted otherwise in the program-specific detail provided below.


Sitting for the CPA Exam: Loras College’s B.A. in Accounting program meets the educational requirements in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to sit for the CPA Exam.

Obtaining a CPA License: To obtain a CPA License in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, students must also successfully complete 150 total credit hours. This can be done by completing a graduate program or additional undergraduate credits. For Illinois, students must complete specific elective courses offered by Loras College to meet specific credit requirements for Business Communication and Business Ethics.

Individual states may require additional (non-academic) criteria for licensure such as professional work experience or a state-administered ethics exam.

Alcohol & Drug Counselor Certification Education

Loras College’s Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certification Education program meets the educational requirements to be eligible to become a certified alcohol and drug counselor in Iowa. Alcohol and drug counseling certification requirements vary by state.

Athletic Training

The Master of Athletic Training program is a CAATE-accredited program in good standing, which meets the educational requirements for students to sit for the national Board of Certification (BOC) examination upon program completion. Passing the BOC exam makes students eligible for state licensure, registration, or certification within the United States. Currently, forty-nine states and the District of Columbia regulate the practice of athletic training. Individuals must be legally recognized by the appropriate state regulatory agency before practicing athletic training. The BOC exam is recognized by all Athletic Trainer state regulatory agencies to meet their exam requirement. Compliance with state regulatory requirements is mandatory and the only avenue to legal athletic training practice.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Loras College’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program meets the educational requirements to allow students to become mental health counselors in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, with their specific state titles. Students interested in becoming licensed in another state should work with the program director to prepare for licensure in that state.

School Counseling

Loras College’s school counseling program meets the educational requirements to allow students to become school counselors in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Wisconsin requires an additional Praxis exam. The program director works individually with each student throughout the program to ensure that the student is eligible for licensure in their desired state.

Social Work

The Loras social work program’s mission is to provide a supportive learning community that graduates competent, ethical, value-based, generalist social work practitioners who critically use their liberal arts background to serve others. Working with and in partnering agencies, students actively gain knowledge, values, and skills, reflect upon those through opportunities in and outside the classroom, adopt and adhere to ethical approaches with diverse populations, and contribute responsibly to an ever-growing and changing world. The social work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) every seven years. The social work program allows individuals to become licensed in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Teacher Education

The Teacher Education Program at Loras College provides coursework that meets the criteria approved for certification by the State of Iowa Department of Education. Those seeking an education license in another state or territory may review the disclosure document, which outlines whether the Iowa License “meets” or “does not meet” the provisional license requirements of that state or territory. Reviews will occur annually in conjunction with the Iowa Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (IACTE) conference each fall after the previous year’s legislative session has closed.

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