Zander Jones ('24) stands in front of A.Y. McDonald's sign.

Exploring the Intersection of Business and Industry

Zander Jones (’24), a business administration major from Benton, WI, embarked on an enriching internship at A.Y. McDonald this semester. As an intern, he took on diverse projects assigned by the natural gas and waterworks product manager, showcasing his versatility. Zander revamped the natural gas department’s website, ensuring a user-friendly experience for customers. Additionally, he tackled a comprehensive waterworks project that will provide sales with an invaluable resource.

Zander’s internship experience was enhanced by A.Y. McDonald’s warm and welcoming environment, where he felt like a valued member of the team from day one. The company’s collaborative spirit allowed him to seek guidance from any employee, transforming his internship into a rewarding learning journey. This experience has broadened Zander’s horizons, exposing him to a new industry and showcasing his adaptability. After graduation, Zander hopes to start a full-time position where he can thrive and grow individually. For his future career, he hopes to be a part of business manufacturing in a support department like quality, procurement, and product management, eventually leading to a project manager role.

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