Jordan Morthland ('24) stands outside her internship building, Resources Unite, in Dubuque, Iowa.

From Classroom to Community

Jordan Morthland (’24), a psychology major from Sterling, IL, has made a meaningful impact through her internship at Resources Unite this semester. At Resources Unite, Jordan plays a crucial role in connecting members of the Dubuque community with the assistance they need. What sets this experience apart for Jordan is her genuine passion for meeting people and understanding their stories. She finds fulfillment in providing individuals with the resources necessary for their success. Jordan values the supportive environment at Resources Unite, where she’s encouraged to ask questions and grow professionally.

With plans to pursue a master’s degree at Culver Stockton College, where she’ll also serve as a graduate assistant for the softball program, Jordan aims to make a difference as a mental health counselor. Jordan credits Jennie Weber for guiding her toward this enriching internship opportunity, emphasizing the importance of seizing such experiences for personal and professional growth. Jordan encourages fellow students to pursue internships as a vital bridge between academic learning and real-world application, citing it as one of her most rewarding learning experiences to date.

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