Adam Moser  PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry


BA, Wabash College, 2003
PhD, University of Minnesota, 2009

Dr. Moser got his BA in chemistry at Wabash College (2003) and his PhD at the University of Minnesota (2009)in physical chemistry. After three years as a postdoctoral faculty fellow at Boston University, he came to Loras College in 2012. Dr. Moser teaches general chemistry, quantum chemistry, biophysical chemistry, and intensive science research experience.

Dr. Moser’s research is in the field of computational biophysics, which is using computers to model biological systems. Current research interests are related to biomimetic materials, synthetic molecules designed to mimic biological molecules. This includes foldamers (i.e. molecules that fold like biopolymers) and reverse micelles (i.e. nanoscale systems that mimic cell membranes).

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