Chemistry / Biochemistry / Chemistry Secondary Teaching

Experience classes with innovative teaching and devoted professors, who develop your connection between the molecular and macroscopic worlds. Grow in your capacity to solve problems and understand scientific inquiry through immersion in original, independent research and student-designed experiments.

You will build a community between your peers, faculty, and alumni that support you in realizing your personal, academic, and professional goals.  Graduates go on to industry, graduate school, health professions, and research.

Chemistry BS

Chemistry is the central science and essential in meeting the needs of society.  The chemistry major provides a broad foundation across all five sub-disciplines: organic, analytical, inorganic, physical, and biochemical.

This major opens careers in research, industry, environmental science, forensics, agriculture, food science, synthesis, manufacturing, and more.

Biochemistry BS

The intersection of chemistry and biology provides the background for health careers like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant, and more. 

For those that desire to push the boundaries of science, graduates go on to research, academics, or into careers in biotechnology—a broad and diverse field.

Chemistry Secondary Teaching BS

Learn to lead a middle and high school classroom and be an effective teacher. For licensure, you must complete a double major in secondary education as well as the chemistry for secondary education major.

Explore Internships & Careers

After receiving your degree from Loras, you could move on to graduate school or a career in one of these fields:

  • Academic Research
  • Middle & High School Teacher
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Chemical Quality Control
  • Government Agencies
  • Forensic Science or Law
  • Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Safety

At Loras you will have access to the Medical Associates Recombinant DNA laboratory, the NMR laboratory, and the Carver Foundation Molecular Biology laboratory.

Our students gain research experience at national labs including the Center for Disease Control, and a variety of research institutions, like University of Iowa, Rutgers, University of Minnesota, and University of California at Davis.

Course Highlights

Science Research Experience

This is an in-depth course designed to give science majors an opportunity to learn how to conduct research in your discipline. You will work closely with a faculty member to identify a question, design experiments, carry out those experiments, and communicate your results through presentations. Class discussion includes topics like research philosophy, research as a career, and research results in popular media.

Advanced Biochemistry

Expand your understanding of biochemistry and its relationship between disease and metabolism, read primary literature, and design your own protein purification methodology in lab. Clone and express fluorescent proteins. Develop your science communication skills by presenting on cutting-edge science. Topics include structure, chemistry, isolation, modification, and genetic manipulation of DNA, RNA, and proteins.

Junior and Senior Seminar

Across four semesters, you will prepare for your individual future profession through mentoring, mock interviews, alumni dialogue, writing a resume, and learning to leverage professional societies. Along the way students will be guided through your individual research thesis and communicate your findings at a national research conference.

School of Science & Health

Majors & Minors

Clubs & Orgs

We have a variety of opportunities for you to get involved from the moment you set foot on campus.

Chemistry Club (American Chemical Society)
Chemistry Olympics
eDUcation Club

Straight Talk from a Duhawk

I love the faculty and their dedication to making sure all of the students succeed and are well prepared for their adventures after Loras.

— Kayla (’24)

Meet Your Professors

Christina Edwards  PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Andrew Kehr  PhD

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Adam Moser  PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry

David Oostendorp  PhD

Professor of Chemistry

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