Christina Edwards  PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry


BS, University of Iowa, 2008
PhD, University of Kansas, 2014

Dr. Edwards received her bachelor of science degree at the University of Iowa (2008) and PhD at the University of Kansas (2014) in analytical chemistry. Her graduate research included the investigation of metallic nanowire formation on substrate surfaces with selective size and orientation, as well as developing new electrode materials to improve solar cell function.

Currently, she teaches analytical chemistry, general chemistry, junior seminar for chemistry and biochemistry majors, the May term intensive research experience, and chemistry of environmental sustainability. Her research at Loras College has a focus in the areas of environmental and surface science chemistry. Specific research interests include the development of biodiesel refinement methods to improve biodiesel fuel properties, synthesizing quantum dots with different materials with spectroscopic characterization, and characterization of water quality in the surrounding local areas.