Dawn Shearrow  DBA, MBA, MAOL

Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration


BA, Judson University, 2013
MOL., Judson University, 2015
MBA, Judson University, 2015
DBA, University of Wisconsin Whitewater, 2020

Dawn A. Shearrow is the visiting assistant professor of business for the Noonan School of Business, Engineering, and Innovation. She received her BA in management and leadership, along with her MBA and Masters in Organizational Leadership at Judson University. She recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater with a Doctorate in Business Administration with concentrations in HRM, ethics, and organizational behavior. She has over twenty years of industry experience in operations, management, and leadership as well as owning and operating several businesses with her husband. She has been teaching in higher education domestically and internationally for over six years. Her journey from industry to academia has continued to inspire her passion of leading business students in the classroom.