Julia Omarzu  PhD

Professor of Psychology


BS, San Diego State University, 1983
MA, California State University – Fresno, 1995
PhD, The University of Iowa, 1999

Dr. Omarzu earned her PhD in Personality and Social Psychology from the University of Iowa and is interested in interdisciplinary applications of social psychology, including how it relates to the fine arts, interpersonal relationships and social stress.

Omarzu’s current research includes projects involving the restorative potential of visual art, personality and artistic preferences; stereotypes about artists and musicians; and the relationship between creative play and critical thinking ability. Omarzu collaborates with faculty in our art and music programs in advising students who are interested in pursuing careers in art or music therapy and are also interested in psychology education. For several years she has helped organize the Iowa Teachers of Psychology Annual Conference and has published articles on the use of case studies as teaching tools in the psychology classroom.