Lindsey Bartgis  PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology


BS, Oklahoma State University, 2008
MA, Roosevelt University, 2011
PhD, Texas Woman’s University, 2019

Dr. Bartgis has a PhD in multicultural women’s and gender studies from Texas Woman’s University. She has her M.A. in clinical psychology from Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL. She’s been a rape crisis advocate in three states and on the board of directors for an LGBTQ center in Chicago and a reproductive justice organization in Texas.

Dr. Bartgis’s research focus is on sexual violence, especially the experiences of male-on-male sexual assault survivors. She is interested in the way cultural portrayals of sexual assault may affect perceptions and attitudes towards sexual assault survivors. She also enjoys engaging in pop culture analyses of television and movies, particularly those with depictions of therapy. In the future, she hopes to develop research on the capacity of companion and service animals as emotional support for individuals in therapy (and in our everyday lives).