Susan Crook  PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics


BA, University of South Carolina, 2007
BS, University of South Carolina, 2007
MS, North Carolina State University, 2009
PhD, North Carolina State University, 2013

Susan Crook earned her PhD from North Carolina State University in 2013. At NCSU she worked in numerical analysis focusing on curve matching, which has real-world applications in object recognition and assembly. Since coming to Loras, Dr. Crook’s research has focused more on happy numbers (with a research group supported by the American Institute of Mathematics).

She is interested in inquiry-based learning, both in the classroom and as a research topic. While she enjoys research, her real passion is teaching.

At Loras, Dr. Crook has had the pleasure of teaching a variety of math courses and engaging with students across many majors. She loves getting students actively involved in playing with mathematics so that they can enjoy the “ah ha!” moments that mathematicians do. In her free time, Dr. Crook enjoys cooking and baking, traveling the world, discovering new musicians, and reading while cuddling up with her two cats, Penny and Nona.