Employer Tuition Assistance

Pursuing an advanced degree while working full-time can be challenging, but tuition assistance from your employer can make graduate school more feasible. Partnering with your employer for graduate school funding can be a strategic move.

Many companies realize the value of an educated workforce and offer educational benefits to employees looking to further their careers. Before applying to graduate programs, talk with your human resources department to learn about tuition reimbursement opportunities.

If your current employer does not offer tuition benefits, we can help. To become an education partner, complete the form to learn more.

How does it work?

Students who wish to utilize tuition reimbursement from their employer must complete Loras’ Employer Tuition Reimbursement form before the first day of your first class.

You will still be issued regular billing statements from Loras, but will be exempt from any service charges and will be exempt from having to make full payment until after the end of each class (or until after program completion for CFP Certification or Cybersecurity Bootcamp students).

Students or employers are welcome to make payments directly to Loras along the way, but it is not required. If the employer reimbursement criteria are not met and/or reimbursement is denied, you must bring you account current immediately before any future registration will be permitted. Student’s balance must be paid in full within thirty days of the last day of each term (or within thirty days of program completion for CFP Certification Education and Cybersecurity Bootcamp students), and prior to Loras issuing the student a degree and/or final transcript.

Corporate Education Partners

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