Program Hallmarks

The Fides et Ratio scholarship aids students pursuing a minor in Catholic studies or a major or minor in religious studies and theology. The scholarship aims to equip students with the intellectual background to practice their faith as strong parish leaders following graduation. The scholarships are funded through the generosity of Paul (’60) and Frances Breitbach.

  • $2,500 per academic year or $1,250 per semester
  • Scholarship can be in addition to merit aid

Catholic Studies

The Catholic studies minor is multidisciplinary, including not only theology but history, politics, social studies, philosophy, literature, the arts, and science. Catholic studies provides a broad introduction to the Catholic heritage, which can enrich the Loras experience, no matter what major a student pursues. It studies Catholicism in its intellectual, historical, social, and cultural dimensions. (21 credits)

Religious Studies & Theology

The religious studies and theology major and minor emphasize several areas of study: scripture, doctrine, worship, morality, and religious studies. By taking courses on these topics, students learn to identify theological approaches to key concepts, themes, and practices of religious life. In addition, students gain skills in researching and theologically interpreting religious beliefs and practices within the contemporary world. The major is 34 credits and concludes with either a thesis or practicum, while the minor is 18 credits.

Criteria to Qualify

  • First-year, sophomore, and junior students are eligible for the scholarship the semester following their declaration of either a minor in Catholic studies or a minor or major in religious studies and theology.
  • Students should be enrolled in a course that fulfills the requirements of their declared program either the semester they declare or the semester following declaration.
  • Students in the Breitbach Catholic Thinkers and Leaders program are not eligible as their program and accompanying scholarship already require a minor in Catholic studies.

Maintaining Eligibility

Scholarship funds are disbursed at the start of the fall and spring semesters. To remain eligible, you must:

  • Meet once a semester with a faculty advisor to discuss your course of study, how you apply what you are learning, and how you plan to serve the church following graduation.
  • Maintain a GPA of at least 2.5 for courses taken for the major/minor.
  • Progress in attaining the minor or major with no more than one semester without coursework toward the degree.
  • After completing the required coursework, you remain eligible to receive the scholarship until graduation.