Sydney Davis ('25) reads to an immigrant child at The Lantern Center in Dubuque, IA

Discovering Purpose Through a Meaningful Internship

Sydney Davis (’25), a social work major, has found her passion through an internship at Presentation Lantern Center. Working with immigrants and refugees from diverse cultural backgrounds, she has gained meaningful experience. The center’s “teatime” tradition, where everyone gathers for snacks and conversations, has been a highlight for Sydney. She has cherished the opportunity to connect with students and tutors, learning about their stories and backgrounds.

This internship has opened Sydney’s eyes to the immigrant and refugee population, igniting her desire to work within this community. She has learned about advocating for their rights and has discovered various resources in Dubuque that support them. Sydney’s advisor, Nancy Zachar Fett (’90), played a crucial role in connecting her with this internship, and her guidance has been indispensable.

Although initially unsure about her future career path, Sydney’s experience at Presentation Lantern Center has solidified her goal of becoming a therapist or counselor working with immigrant children. She recognizes the challenges these children face in adapting to a new environment and hopes to provide support during their transition.

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