Thomas C. Kampmier ('24) wearing a Loras shirt

The Road to M&A Mastery

Thomas Kampmier (’24), a dedicated Duhawk from Rockford, IL, is making remarkable strides at Loras College. He is a double major in finance and accounting, interning remotely at Sikich, LLP this spring semester. His role in transaction advisory involves working on buy and sell-side mergers and acquisitions quality of earnings reports. Thomas values collaborating with young professionals and the flexibility of remote work. After graduation, he plans to join Sikich full-time as a transaction advisory services associate to gain experience in the M&A world and hopefully transition into private equity.

Thomas credits Loras for empowering him to take this internship for credit, allowing him to gain valuable workplace experience alongside his studies. He encourages fellow students not to shy away from opportunities beyond their immediate surroundings, emphasizing the importance of seizing chances and making sacrifices to pursue one’s passions. With determination and the support of Loras College, Thomas is poised to carve out a successful career path in the dynamic world of finance and accounting, driven by his unwavering commitment and thirst for growth.

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