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Leadership & Skill Development

Loras College values community partnerships as a way to foster real community impact. We work with employees and organizations to create a stronger workforce and a win-win situation for everyone involved. For more information about how to become a corporate partner, fill out our inquiry form.

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Advance Your Career

It pays to increase your skills and enhance your leadership capabilities. Many companies realize the importance of continuing education and offer tuition assistance or reimbursement benefits. Talk to your leadership team for help in your educational pursuits.

Where to start

Check with your human resources department to learn about educational benefits. Your employer might already be a Loras College workplace partner and/or offer tuition assistance or reimbursement benefits.

If your employer isn’t a workplace tuition partner with Loras, encourage them to become one. It’s free and allows you to receive a 10% tuition discount on graduate programs.

If your employer offers reimbursement or tuition assistance, complete the Employer Tuition Reimbursement Form before the first day of your first class.

Billing Details for Tuition Reimbursement

Students will be issued regular billing statements from Loras but will be exempt from any service charges and will be exempt from having to make full payment until after the end of each class.

Students or employers are welcome to make payments directly to Loras along the way if they would like, but it is not required. If the employer reimbursement criteria are not met and/or reimbursement is denied, the student must bring their account current immediately before any future registration will be permitted.

Student’s balance must be paid in full within 30 days of the last day of each term and/or prior to Loras issuing the student a degree and/or final transcript.


Strengthen & Retain Workers

Invest in upskilling your workforce to retain quality employees, maximize leadership, and build strong brand recognition with prospective employees regarding the benefits you offer.

Become a Corporate partner

Becoming a workplace partner with Loras is free, and your employees will receive a 10% tuition discount on graduate and professional development programs.

Examples of graduate programs that could benefit every organization include:

  • Applied Analytics / make data-informed decisions
  • Applied Psychology / gain behavior and personnel skills
  • Disability Studies / advance inclusivity and advocacy

Offer Tuition Assistance or Reimbursement

Reimbursing your employees on a portion of their tuition for a single class or program is a powerful way to increase leadership and upskill your team.

WORKPLACE TUITION Partnership Details

10% Tuition Discount

There is no financial cost to become a workplace tuition partner, and employees of our partners receive a 10% tuition discount on these graduate and professional development programs:

Workplace Partner Commitment

There is no financial cost to become a corporate partner. The process is quick and easy:

  • Sign an annual agreement to secure your benefits. Renew each year by July 31. Annual agreements begin August 1.
  • Send program information to your employees twice per calendar year by email. Loras will provide.

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