Loras College Alumni Grace Kopcio ('26)

Igniting Success in Dubuque’s Safety Scene

Grace Kopcio (’26), a dedicated marketing major from Aurora, Ill., is sparking success at her current internship with the Dubuque Fire Department. Tasked with ensuring city-wide safety, Grace diligently works with the fire protection database system, “The Compliance Engine,” to make sure businesses and properties across Dubuque are up to date on their fire protection systems.

Grace feels she is using her talents to do greater good for her community. Through her internship, she loves the opportunity to directly contribute to the safety and protection of Dubuque. Before this internship, Grace worked as an assistant data quality analyst for the fire department’s database provider, motivating her to reach out to the department to help improve compliance.

Working alongside Fire Chief Amy Scheller and other dedicated professionals, Grace is learning invaluable skills in data analysis, communication, and project management, which Grace says will undoubtedly benefit her after graduation.

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