Dan Thole

Leading by Faith

October Duhawk Dozen

Daniel Thole (’13)
Secondary Education & Mathematics
Dubuque, Iowa

2013 graduate, Daniel Thole, sought a Catholic education, a strong community, and a robust math program when choosing his college. His search led him to Loras and those three factors continue to shape his life as an education leader a decade after graduating from Loras, earning him the title of our October Duhawk Dozen.

Daniel’s life mantra began forming during his time at Beckman Catholic High School and further developed at Loras College. His guiding question: “How can I maximize my gifts and talents to give back to society and God? If I have a passion and ability, I should act upon it.” He engaged in various activities such as being a member of the Track & Field team, writing newspaper columns, participating in the choir, campus ministry, and serving as Student Body President.

Additionally, Daniel participated in the Breitbach Catholic Thinkers and Leaders Program, guided by the motto, “What you have received as a gift, you must give as a gift.” This philosophy reminds him that his talents are gifts from God and meant for a purpose. He lives this each day as the principal at Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School, as a father, husband, and friend.

Another reason Daniel has these gifts is due to the mentors who played a major role during his Loras experience. Fr. Douglas Wathier taught him how to teach well and think critically. Dr. Hilarie Welsh encouraged Daniel to give education one more shot when he wasn’t sure if he was interested in becoming a teacher. She helped ‘stoke the fire’ in him which provided the push he needed to ultimately lead at the administrative level. Dr. Welsh still serves as a sounding board for all major life decisions for Daniel. Multiple math professors also set him for success along with the friendships made along the way. Loras introduced him to his wife, Alison (Dalton) Thole (’15), where they both were track and field athletes. Through different leadership opportunities, he also became close with Nick Satterlee (’12), our May 2023 Duhawk Dozen, where they worked together during their time as students and in their professional careers after Loras.

Thole advises young Duhawks to focus on self-improvement to succeed in a life that you want to live. “Knowing who you are will help lead you to what you are meant to do.” Learn more from Daniel by listening to his podcast interview with Neil Bingham (’17).

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