Natalie Droeske Duhawk Dozen Alumni 2018

Cultivating Community and Connection

Natalie Droeske (’18)
English: Creative Writing
Dubuque, Iowa

Like many Loras students, Iowa Private College Week brought Natalie Droeske (’18) to campus for her first official visit. While the visit sold her, it was the interactions with Duhawks beforehand that solidified her becoming a Duhawk. From being in her cousin Megan (Droeske) Masters’ (’11) wedding at Christ the King to running into a complete stranger who said, “Du What?!” while on a hike before moving in, it’s the Duhawk pride and relationships that truly helped connect Natalie to Loras. Since then, those connections have only grown stronger, and Natalie has become a catalyst in the Dubuque Community, personally and professionally, making her our April Duhawk Dozen.

Being an active learner and a responsible contributor are two main parts of who Natalie is. She encourages young graduates to get out and really immerse themselves in the community they’re in. “I really had to work to make Dubuque my home,” said Natalie. “It was easy to make connections in my hometown because I had my connections, but coming to Dubuque, no one knew me.” Getting involved with different organizations has helped Natalie meet people who have become lifelong friends and establish roots in a community where she can give back and, in turn, receive support. This led to a part-time job for the past 8 years at Midwest Girl, where she was the second employee, and now there are over 12 employees!

Word of mouth among Duhawks continued to provide opportunities for Natalie when her fellow Lorian co-editor, Kayla Thompson (’19), introduced her to an opportunity to work in social media, which kickstarted her career in marketing and has truly become a passion. Continuing to work in marketing for small Dubuque businesses has introduced Natalie to the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce, Carnegie-Stout Public Library, Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, and much more. She has truly become a pillar in the Dubuque Community, and you can learn more about her Loras experience and life after Loras by listening to this month’s podcast.

Congratulations, Natalie!


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