Loras College Alumni Breanna Oxley ('13) Featured In Duhawk Difference Maker Alumni Podcast

Duhawk Difference Maker

January Duhawk Dozen

Breanna Oxley (’13)
History and Secondary Education
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Breanna Oxley (’13) is dedicated to making a positive impact wherever life takes her. Diving right into life as a Duhawk during her first year on campus, she made her presence known in and out of the classroom. Continuously exploring avenues to empower those around her—be it her students, family, friends, or fellow community members—Breanna is a true Duhawk Difference Maker committed to setting others up for success.

Fascinated by how humans operate, Breanna began her education at Loras as a psychology major. “The great part of attending a liberal arts college is that you get to experience a little bit of everything – and that is truly the point of figuring out what you like and what you may not.” Her love of teaching and government converged after she switched her focus to History and Secondary Education, making her the fourth generation in her family to teach. Oxley vividly recalls the day she had the “this is what I am supposed to do in my life” moment. She was standing in Beckman Hall after class during her first year at Loras, on the phone with her mother, expressing her calling to the classroom. Much like that moment, witnessing the instances when something finally ‘clicks’ for her students, and they comprehend the material, is a source of motivation in her own classroom.

To learn more about Breanna’s Loras experience, her career as a teacher and local politician, and how she continues to make differences in her personal and professional life, listen to this month’s podcast. Her ability to help those around her grow and persistently fight for what she believes is right is what makes her our first Duhawk Dozen recipient of 2024. Congratulations, Breanna!

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