Mike Gibson, Center for Dubuque History

An Invaluable Resource: Loras College Center for Dubuque History

The Loras College Center for Dubuque History plays a vital role in the community and beyond.

Nestled in a corner on the first floor of the Loras College Miller Academic Resource Center, the Center for Dubuque History has seen its impact expand exponentially from a campus and community institution into a national and global resource.

The Center started in 1976 as Loras chartered the idea as a separate entity from the college library. Bob Klein (’59), the librarian at Loras at the time, had been collecting information on local history. Combining his efforts with those of Tom Auge, Ph.D., John Hess, Ed.D., Tom Goodman (’54), and the late Rev. William Wilke, Ph.D. (’50), the group determined that they could use the data to create an archive of Dubuque-area history. Over time, they were able to expand the collection through their continued efforts and donations.

“Local history immerses students in a familiar context. Although Dubuque might not be their hometown, they learn that the place they call home also has a unique and interesting history. It also enables me to assist digital natives in recognizing the value of saving and cataloging the stuff humans produce – so that future citizens can understand and reflect upon life today. Finally, it reveals a range of career options for those interested in history.”

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