Dimensional Burds Family Duhawk Day

Dimensional Duhawks

In the heart of Dubuque, a historic building found new life as Dimensional Brewing Company, a vision brought to life with the help of Jeff (’88) and Melinda (Horsfield) Burds (’88). Their goal with Dimensional was more than crafting great beer – it was about creating a community and destination for craft beer enthusiasts in the tri-states and beyond.

Dimensional has flourished since its inception in 2018. Production has more than doubled, and their reach extends across the state of Iowa, into Wisconsin, and soon to be Illinois! Yet, for the Burds Family, the most rewarding part isn’t just the growth of their brewery; it’s the accolades for Dimensional beer, the praise for their dedicated team and staff, and being able to give back to their community in different ways.

The brewery has become a must-stop when Loras alumni, family, and friends are in town. It also fills with purple and gold each Duhawk Day when Dubuque area Duhawks gather to celebrate and share their Loras experiences over an ice-cold (maybe even purple) craft beer. The connection between Loras and Dimensional deepens with each Duhawk Day celebrated at the brewery since 2020. For Jeff and Melinda, “witnessing Duhawks supporting Duhawks and alumni-founded businesses is nothing short of awesome;’ and an affirmation of community and shared values.

In addition to bringing Duhawks together, the Burds family knows the importance of supporting Loras on Duhawk Day. The couple made their first gift to Loras when athletics named the equipment room after Jeff’s boss as a student and family friend, Rich Stecklein. Their generosity continues and they now are sponsors of Duhawk Day to help share the importance of giving back to the place that means so much to them and their family. Their son, Sam Burds (’16), and the rest of their family participate in the day and other Loras social events throughout the year.

The overwhelming support for Dimensional during Duhawk Day makes Jeff & Melinda “proud to be Duhawks.”

Join local Duhawks at Dimensional this Duhawk Day! Register here.

Learn more about Duhawk Day 2024 here.

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