Fast Track to Innovation with Loras College’s Racing Club

In Wheel Time Car Talk

Podcast: Season 2024 Episode 109

Feel the pulse of innovation and ambition as we gear up with the Loras College Racing Club team, a dynamic group of students whose dreams revolve around the revving engines and the checkered flags of motorsport. Today, JJ, Cam, Jacob, and Jake take us on a thrilling ride through their educational pursuits, from the classrooms of mechanical engineering and computer science right onto the gritty tracks of the Baja SAE project. They candidly share the exhilaration of blending theoretical knowledge with the grease and glory of hands-on vehicle design, and their collective gaze is fixed on the ultimate prize: shaping the future of racing, from IndyCar to the aerodynamic marvels of Formula One.

Switching gears, we navigate the challenges and strategy of collegiate racing, particularly in the snow-dusted landscapes of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our conversation drifts through the importance of selecting the perfect tire tread for the upcoming one-day racing event, and the innovative engineering that keeps their Baja vehicles in prime condition amidst fierce competition. The Duhawks, as they’re fondly known, open up about the camaraderie that fuels their team spirit, the mentorship of Professor Joy, and the ingenious tweaks that give them an edge on the track. If you’re a racing aficionado or just love a story of teamwork and determination, buckle up and join us for a deep dive into the fast-paced world of the Loras College Racing Club.

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