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Duhawk Day Means a Little More in Madison, Wisconsin

Duhawk Day is a day of celebration and giving, but for Nick (’84) and Nita Stanek, it means even more.

A native of Madison, Wisconsin, Nick and his wife Nita have attended the past three Duhawk Day events in their area. “The first event in Madison was in March 2020, the week before the world shut down. There was a lot going on in my life, personally and professionally. My father had passed the week before, and as the medical director of our outpatient clinic in Madison, we were figuring out regulations and restrictions for the pandemic. It was stressful. When I learned there was going to be a gathering of Loras Duhawks in Madison, I knew that I had to go. I knew that I could lean on my Loras family, and I did. It came at the perfect time.”

After the first event in 2020, they’ve continued to attend every year, and it’s been a great opportunity for them to connect with fellow Duhawks. One special moment for Nick, “One of the attendees, I found out, was a cousin of mine! Duhawks are everywhere!”

Not only have Nick and Nita attended events, but they have also been two of the day’s 1839 donors. Even more, they’ve encouraged others to participate with a challenge gift.

“Last year, I was following the feed during the day and thought we could do something fun for this;’ Nick said. “We thought, let’s start a challenge to match $5 per donor for the day. It was on a whim, and we thought it would be fun.” The Stanek’s generosity helped surpass the goal of 1839 donors to over 2,200!

When asked why they give back, Nick said, “We alumni all share a similar experience going to Loras. We can relate to one another and enjoy sharing stories and memories with one another. It’s no secret that all higher education institutions need financial support, and it’s important to continue to give back to ensure its survivability. I want Loras to continue as long as possible, and I’m sure that others do as well. It’s important for alumni to give back, and it’s encouraging to see a culture of philanthropy being created on campus for our future alumni:’

Nick and Nita plan to gather again this year and hope you will join them at the Madison, Wisconsin event.

Learn more about Duhawk Day 2024 here.

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