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Andy Ney (’14)
Peosta, Iowa

Andy Ney (’14) has built an impressive career in emergency medical services (EMS), and it started long before graduating from Loras College. From growing up with his father and mother as strong role models as they created Paramount Ambulance to molding the family business into what it is today. Andy is a lifelong, active learner who continues to give back to not only Loras and the local Dubuque area but the EMS industry as a whole. All this and more makes him our November Duhawk Dozen.

Andy’s decision to attend Loras was influenced by the proximity to home and a job as an EMT, as well as the opportunity to attend the same college as his twin sister, Alicia (Ney) Ludescher (’15). The faith-based environment of Loras also appealed to him, having spent his whole education in the catholic school setting. With the “twins” laying the groundwork at Loras, younger sisters Christina Ney (’16) and Emily (Ney) Bruns (’18) followed their footsteps, making the fall of 2014 special with all four Ney siblings on campus.

Loras College prepared Andy for his career in emergency response by offering him the flexibility to attend college full-time and work as an EMT simultaneously, helping him develop a passion for helping people. That passion, along with his interests in logistics and teaching, has helped shaped him into the multifaceted leader and businessman he is today as the director of operations and as he helps lead the Paramount EMS Academy at Loras, providing real-world, on-campus training for students and community members.

“We wanted to develop an education program for EMS providers that was student-centric. I believe the mission and values that Loras have are the same as those we have at Paramount.” Only two cohorts into the program, he has big dreams for the program and knows Loras is the place for it to flourish.

As for the future, Andy Ney remains open to new opportunities and projects, always eager to explore what comes his way and help the community he is in. His advice to young Duhawks embarking on their careers is to focus on networking and building a strong support system, emphasizing that success often depends on collaboration and teamwork. Learn more about Andy, his Loras experience, Paramount EMS Academy, and more by listening to this month’s podcast with Allison Wong (’17).

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