Loras College Alumni Nick Coleman (’15) Featured In The Reigning Homecoming King Alumni Podcast

The Reigning Homecoming King

March Duhawk Dozen

Nick Coleman (’15)
Business Management & Marketing
Des Moines, Iowa

Mission and dedication are two key themes at the heart of all that 2015 graduate, Nick Coleman, has been up to since graduating from Loras. Aside from his dedication to memorizing The Office quotes and supporting the Chicago Cubs through their ups and downs, Nick’s efforts in giving back to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals shows the true nature of just how dedicated he can be. He’s spent most of his professional career with the same organization, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a feat that isn’t too common for most graduates of the last decade. When looking back on how he found success in sticking to one company for over six years, Nick recalled advice from Assistant Vice President of Student Development at Loras College, Kim Walsh. “Leverage your life in a way where you can focus on things that are really important,” he recalled Kim saying. “I found a huge passion of mine in Dance Marathon and I was able to put that into a career.” Though his day-to-day work has shifted from when he was President of Dance Marathon his senior year, he still serves the same mission: helping the children who need help.

Outside of working with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Nick recalled his long list of professional accomplishments as being broad but rewarding. “I loved working at the state fair, probably the most fun job I had,” Nick started, “but the most rewarding was an internship I had in Dubuque with Gronen Properties and Restoration.” The experience working with St. Mary’s parish in its conversion to Steeple Square helped Nick give back to and collaborate with other civic leaders and influential figures in the Dubuque community. “It really influenced my outlook on wanting to get more involved in my neighborhood and community,” Nick added.

With a focus on community, Nick referenced his Loras community through his memories of time spent in The Pub. “We’d spend a ton of time and get some work done. I feel like we were there until 10:00 p.m. every day.” He had also recalled Dance Marathon being a common thread with their time in The Pub. “Loras does a great job at providing great opportunities and educating you on how to get involved.” Outside of his community of Duhawk friends, two of his siblings followed the trail that he blazed and have joined the Loras community. His sister, Ellie Coleman (’25) started at Loras this past semester and his brother, Jesse Coleman (’18) shared a similar experience to Nick. “We both played tennis for the first semester of college, were both involved in Dance Marathon and so many different college experiences; it was really pretty fun.”

From a shy first year to the last reigning homecoming king of Loras College, Nick influenced countless classmates and set a high standard for what it meant to be a Duhawk. From weddings to international vacations, Nick has kept in great touch with his friends and classmates and plans on making it back to campus Homecoming this year on October 7, 8 and 9, 2022.

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