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December Duhawk Dozen

Teresa (Gwardys) Gray (’14)
English Literature
Springfield, Illinois

Like other Duhawks, Loras checked all the boxes for 2014 graduate Teresa (Gwardys) Gray, it quickly became her home away from home. With the motto “Duhawks Supporting Duhawks” and faith at the forefront of all she does, the Young Alumni Advisory Board is excited to name her our December 2023 Duhawk Dozen recipient.

At the core of Teresa’s identity is her mission of ‘Who am I in relation to Jesus Christ?’ Her unwavering commitment to love and serve others reflects her belief that everyone has a role to play in spreading the message of Christ. “There are saints and then there are companions. I always joke that I want to be the companion. I don’t have to be named – I can be the background person just along for the ride. Helping others get there and be there is really my mission in life.” Her humility and dedication to helping those around her showcase the selflessness that defines her mission in life, a mission that Loras has nurtured by providing her with lifelong friends.

Outside of her studies and coursework, Teresa utilized co-curriculars to help use her gifts and continue to grow as a person. “All of my co-curriculars [at Loras] either involved my faith or they gave me the opportunities to grow in some type of way. Duhawks Supporting Duhawks has become my life motto, even though not everyone is a Duhawk.” One co-curricular accomplishment she is extra proud of was being named the “Intramural Athlete of the Year” in three of her four years as a student and takes pride for still being on the wall in Graber.

Post-graduation, Teresa’s path led her to FOCUS missionary work, influenced by positive Duhawk connections. Inspired by Zach (’12) and Bailey Pfundstein, Teresa became a FOCUS Missionary at the University of Illinois-Champaign, guiding students on their faith journey during their college years. Her connection to the Loras community remained strong, with fellow alumni playing a pivotal role in supporting her missionary work—a real-life #DuhawksSupportingDuhawks moment that underscores the interconnectedness of the Loras community.

Learn more about Teresa by listening to her podcast with Young Alumni Board President, Allison Wong (’17).

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