Corey and Teah (Meyer) Kaiser, (’16) owners of WCC

WCC Brands Sponsors Homecoming with $100,000 Gift

Corey and Teah (Meyer) Kaiser, (’16) owners of WCC Brands and the Wisconsin Clothing Company retail brand, have pledged $100,000 to Loras College to sponsor the college’s Homecoming festivities over the next four years. The gift underscores Teah’s devotion to her alma mater and their commitment to the Dubuque community.

“I have stayed connected to the Loras community post-graduation primarily through Homecoming events,” shares Teah. “With a busy family life, a growing business, and traveling, it can be hard to find free time. But every year, I look forward to Homecoming weekend on campus with DuBrew and the Tailgate. As soon as one year wraps up, I am adding the next Homecoming dates into my calendar!”

Based in Kieler, Wisconsin, WCC Brands is a custom apparel company serving businesses across the Midwest region. The company offers a wide range of branded merchandise, from shirts and hats to notepads and more. Its consumer-facing brand, Wisconsin Clothing Company, creates apparel celebrating the state’s culture and lifestyle.

“We are incredibly grateful for this generous sponsorship from the Kaiser family,” said Jim Collins, president of Loras College. “Support from respected businesses like WCC Brands is vital for enhancing our campus experience and strengthening the Dubuque community overall.”

In addition to the sponsorship funds, Corey envisions an ongoing partnership between their company and Loras to provide branded apparel for departments, clubs, and other campus organizations.

Corey asserts, “Being able to give back to the Dubuque community and a college that my wife graduated from means a lot to our family. We have made many great friends through Loras College and want to show our appreciation for the community they have built and continue to build.”

“I’m so thankful Loras brought me all my lifelong friends,” shares Teah. “Eight years out of Loras, and I still communicate with my friends almost daily!”

Learn more about Loras College Homecoming.

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