Loras College Alumni Jonathan O'Brien ('18) On Campus In Dubuque, Iowa

Your Friendly Neighborhood IT Guy

January Duhawk Dozen

Jonathan O’Brien (’18)
Computer Science & Mathematics 
Dubuque, Iowa

From IT intern to software engineer to owner of JOB Technologies, Jonathan O’Brien (’18) has already compiled a long list of professional achievements. After graduating in 2018, Jonathan wasted no time making his mark in the world of technology.  “It’s definitely a journey for how I got here,” Jon started. “It’s always been changing and adapting, but I’ve always kept my foot in about everything.” Although he began work with JOB Technologies as more of a hobby, it was with the help of a Facebook post from President Jim Collins (’84), that Jonathan saw his passion project become a business.

“It was only residential and homes at first. Two or three months after that, is when I landed my next job at command security through President Collins’ Facebook review. That helped me grow JOB technologies and go full-time on it.

Jonathan began working with Dubuque businesses including Kramer Family Dental, Command Security and Clarity Clinic and more.  JOB Technologies’ reputation as your friendly neighborhood IT guys, proved to be increasingly accurate. Local business owner, Kim Hackett, recalled Jonathan going “out of his way to make sure [she] understood all aspects of the technology he helped with, and that helped [her] business run smoothly and securely.” All these accolades were not handed to him. He put in countless hours to earn his spot as one of Dubuque’s best and brightest technology businesses.

Although Jonathan describes his work life as sun-up to sun-down, his dedication to working through late nights and early mornings started back in the Rock Bowl as a member of the Loras College football team. Jonathan recalls how much mentors like Coach Helminiak and his whole coaching staff helped along his journey. “I was pretty close with a lot of them. They each helped in unique ways. They showed me and guided me – you have to keep grinding and you’ll eventually get there.”

Since graduating, Jonathan continues to live out the notion of Duhawks supporting Duhawks as he attends events like the Cubby Bear Social in Chicago and the Football Alumni Golf Outing. “We get to meet the players from 30 years ago and hearing funny stories from them,” Jonathan said of the Football Golf Outing. “There’s definitely people from every age group that I talk to occasionally, but I call them friends instead of just ‘teammates.’”

In addition to attending events off-campus and staying in touch with classmates, Jonathan is getting ready and excited to celebrate, unite and support with his fellow Duhawks for Duhawk Day.

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