Loras College kinesiologu students in lab

Ultimate Athlete ELITE Study

Loras College is excited to be one of the testing grounds for the ELITE study, aiming to uncover the genetic determinants of human aerobic performance. In collaboration with Stanford University, Dr. Elaina Biechler, associate professor of kinesiology, will contribute to this initiative. On our campus, she’ll be conducting tests on 100 elite athletes, playing a crucial role in the larger 10,000-subject study.

“My role thus far is as a data collection site, which has been awesome. I currently have three student researchers who help with the data collection sessions,” Elaina shares. “I am an endurance athlete and have been for twenty-plus years, so it has been so fun for me to get to meet with like-minded people, and connect with other athletes in the Midwest. We’ve had athletes coming from Cedar Rapids, Council Bluffs, Des Moines, and Madison area so far!”

The study looks at various genetic markers to determine if there is a link with aerobic performance and puts the subjects into the elite category from a physiological perspective. Additionally, once the data set is done, they will be able to compare these genetic markers with diseased populations eventually.

Dr. Elaina Biechler also serves as the director of the Master of Arts in Coaching Leadership graduate program. Learn more about the kinesiology major or the coaching leadership degree.

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