Love music? The Loras music program offers two major degree programs: (1) a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education; (2) a Bachelor of Arts degree in Musical Studies, along with minors in music-instrumental, music-vocal/choral, and liturgical music.

All Loras students, regardless of major, can grow as musicians through participation in choral and instrumental ensembles, private lessons, general education offerings, and music liturgies. In addition, minors are offered in music-instrumental, music-vocal, and liturgical music.


Musical Studies BA

Flexible and personalized, the Bachelor of Arts in Musical Studies gives you the ability to personalize your course of study as you undertake a balanced approach to the varied disciplines of music, including performance, ethnomusicology/cultural studies, histories of music, theories of music, technology, and composition.

You will work closely with your music advisor to create a coherent and meaningful major that is designed to build your skills as musicians while you pursue your individual interests.

Music Education BA

Be an effective teacher and learn to lead elementary or middle and high school classrooms. Develop skills, concepts, and methodologies in music theory, instrument and vocal techniques, music history, conducting, and music performance. For licensure, you must also complete a double major in secondary education.


Music Instrumental Emphasis

This minor is a great way to enhance your fundamentals of music through private lessons, jazz and wind ensemble performance, and academic studies in music history and theory. Learn about the theory of music and the history behind different forms, styles, and pieces.

Music Vocal/Choral Emphasis

Enhance your theoretical concepts, then translate those concepts into sound. Learn theory, aural skills, music history, and culture, while participating in the choral opportunities across campus.

Liturgical Music

Gain knowledge and insights of the music used in religious worship services. Learn the history behind the styles, forms, as well as the principles and practices of composing and performing it.

Explore Internships & Careers

internship opportunities offer real-world experiences. You can complete internships for academic credit or non-credit. Many students choose to complete both.

  • West Music
  • Uncle Ike’s Music
  • Rondinelli Music
  • Music liturgist intern at local parishes
  • Five Flags Center or other music venues
  • Northeast School of Music
  • Dubuque Symphony

You will be prepared for a variety of interesting careers.

  • Secondary choir, band, or orchestra director
  • Elementary music teacher
  • Graduate school
  • Private music teacher
  • Freelance music performer
  • Liturgical music ministry
  • Retail music industry
  • Music Librarian
  • Recording engineer
  • Music event coordinator

Course Highlights

Loras College Choir

World Music and Cultures

Through studying selected music and musical traditions from around the world, this course explores the ways that music is both shaped by and gives shape to the cultural settings in which it is performed. Specific case studies will be examined through listening, research, analysis, reflection and classroom instruction.

Identity & Community in Rock & Roll

Starting with the pre-rock music of the Blues and Country, the course explores the myriad movements and genres that gave rise to and defined communities and identities of the past 65 years, including Greasers, Beatniks, Hippies, Folkies, Rastafarians, Punks, and more. The course will also examine the ways in which music contributes to the individual identity.

Capstone Projects

At the end of your program of study you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills as a performer, composer, or researcher by presenting your senior capstone project. This project could be a formal recital, a lecture demonstration, or a media creation based upon your area of interest.

Music Scholarship Opportunities

Music scholarships of $500-$3000 per year are available to all Loras College students and are awarded based on audition. Scholarship recipients must participate in at least one vocal or instrumental ensemble each year.

Clubs & Orgs

We have a variety of opportunities for you to get involved from the moment you set foot on campus.

Jazz Ensemble
eDUcation Club
Concert Choir
Chamber Singers
Wind Ensemble
Loras Players/Guild of St. Genesius

Mysteries of Christmas
From its inception in 2005, Mysteries of Christmas has sought to provide the community with a seasonal experience which presents the highest quality of music and literature in a concert format imbued with our Catholic culture.

Straight Talk from a Duhawk

I wasn’t planning on majoring in music, but it all fell into place. The professors were great and I learned so much about professionalism and how music can be your full-time career. In all aspects of my college experience I was supported by all professors and staff members to succeed!

— Rachel (’19)

Meet Your Professors

Michael Bagby smiling after a music audition in Loras College Hoffman Hall.

Michael Bagby  DMA

Assistant Professor of Music

Glenn Pohland  DMA

Professor of Music
Director of Instrumental Activities

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